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Too attractive and tempting to be resisted,
  1. Too attractive and tempting to be resisted
    • - he found the delicious-looking cakes irresistible
  2. Too powerful or convincing to be resisted
    • - she felt an irresistible urge to object

  1. impossible to resist; overpowering; "irresistible (or resistless) impulses"; "what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?"
  2. (irresistibly) overwhelmingly: incapable of being resisted; "the candy looked overwhelmingly desirable to the dieting man"
  3. Juliette Noureddine, better known by her stage name of Juliette, is a French singer, songwriter and composer.
  4. Irresistible is the second studio album by American pop singer Jessica Simpson, released by Columbia Records on June 5, 2001 in the United States. The album featured production from Cory Rooney, Rodney Jerkins, Walter Afanasieff, among others and featured a guest appearance from Marc Anthony. ...
  5. "Irresistible" is the title of a 1992 single by British dance-pop singer-songwriter Cathy Dennis.
  6. Irresistible is a 2006 film directed by Ann Turner. It stars Susan Sarandon, Sam Neil and Emily Blunt.
  7. "Irresistible" is the first single from Jessica Simpson's second album, Irresistible. Released in 2001, the single reached fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Simpson's second top-twenty hit. The single also reached eleven in the United Kingdom.
  8. Season three of Stargate Atlantis, an American-Canadian television series, began airing on July 21, 2006 on the US-American Sci Fi Channel. The third season concluded after 20 episodes on February 5, 2007 on the Canadian The Movie Network. The series was developed by Brad Wright and Robert C. ...
  9. "Ouragan" (French for "windstorm"), also released under the title "Irresistible", is the first single recorded by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, from her album, Besoin. Released in 1986, it was a great success in France, where it topped the charts for almost three months, and in Germany.
  10. Irresistible was the only solo album for Tammi Terrell, which was released in January 1969 by Motown Records. ...
  11. "Irresistible" is a 1995 episode of The X-Files television series. It was the thirteenth episode broadcast in the show's second season. Irresistible features the agent's investigation of a death fetishist who kidnaps Agent Scully.
  12. "Boy (I Need You)" is a song co-written and co-produced by Mariah Carey and Just Blaze for Carey's twelfth album Charmbracelet (2002). It features a sample of the Rose Royce song "I'm Going Down", which is also sampled in the same fashion in rapper Cam'ron's 2002 single "Oh Boy". ...
  13. "Irresistible" is a song performed by reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel. The song is taken from Step Up 3D's soundtrack album. It was released for digital download on July 27, 2010. ...
  14. Not able to be resisted
  15. This is a love potion to be added to bath water, and is suppose to make the spell-maker irresistible. The potion consists of rosemary and thyme, steeped in boiling water inside an earthen jug, with powdered orris root and lovage root added later. ...