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irregularities, plural;
  1. The state or quality of being irregular
    • - there is evidence that fraud and irregularity continue on a large scale
  2. Mild recurring constipation

  3. A thing that is irregular in form or nature
    • - irregularities of the heartbeat
    • - financial irregularities

  1. abnormality: behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality
  2. not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
  3. an irregular asymmetry in shape; an irregular spatial pattern
  4. constipation: irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels; can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis
  5. An instance of being irregular; The state or condition of being irregular, or the extent to which something is irregular; An object or event that is not regular or ordinary; A violation of rules
  6. (Irregularities) Actions that comprise fraud and other illegal acts, acts that contravene the constitution of the entity, intentional (but not fraudulent) misstatements, and unintentional errors.
  7. Any of a number of abnormal conditions in play, such as unexpectedly exposed cards, that may call for corrective action.
  8. The intentional misstatement or omission of significant information in accounting records, financial statements, other reports, documents or records.  Irregularities include fraudulent financial reporting which renders financial statements misleading and misappropriation of assets. ...
  9. Any infringement of a provision of Community law or any breach of a contractual obligation resulting from an act or omission by a contractor which has, or would have, the effect of prejudicing the general budget of the Communities or budgets managed by them through unjustified expenditure.
  10. a deviation from the correct procedures as established in the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.
  11. New players, especially at duplicate, will encounter this aspect of bridge — a mistake in procedure — more often than others. An irregularity can be a lead out of turn, an exposed card, an insufficient bid — the list goes on and on. In social bridge, these errors are usually overlooked. ...
  12. An exception to a linguistic pattern or rule. Example: Good, better, and best are exceptions to the usual -er, -est pattern of comparatives and superlatives in English.
  13. A defect, failure, or mistake in a legal proceeding or lawsuit; a departure from a prescribed rule or regulation.
  14. A breach of procedure, as described in the Laws and Proprieties, in bidding or play. If one is available, a director should be called to the table to make a ruling.
  15. A variation, such as in units, ranges, or null-handling, in the way a data field was calculated or reported by a vendor (such as Value Line) over part of the field's archived history. Irregularities, if not corrected by regularization or handled in backtest commands, can render backtests invalid.
  16. In club or tournament duplicate play, any illegal or suspect action. To avoid dispute, the director is called to rule on the situation and assign the proper penalty, if any.