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involved, past participle; involves, 3rd person singular present; involving, present participle; involved, past tense;
  1. (of a situation or event) Include (something) as a necessary part or result
    • - his transfer to another school would involve a lengthy assessment procedure
  2. Cause (a person or group) to experience or participate in an activity or situation
    • - what kind of organizations will be involved in setting up these projects?

  1. connect closely and often incriminatingly; "This new ruling affects your business"
  2. engage as a participant; "Don't involve me in your family affairs!"
  3. imply: have as a necessary feature; "This decision involves many changes"
  4. necessitate: require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"; "This intervention does not ...
  5. contain as a part; "Dinner at Joe's always involves at least six courses"
  6. occupy or engage the interest of; "His story completely involved me during the entire afternoon"
  7. make complex or intricate or complicated; "The situation was rather involved"
  8. The Involve Foundation (known as Involve) is a leading UK based Charity focussed on public participation.
  9. INVOLVE (UK National Advisory group) (known as INVOLVE) is a national advisory Group, funded by the Department of Health, that promotes public involvement in health and social care research. Established in 1996, it was originally called "Consumers in NHS Research". ...
  10. To roll or fold up; to wind round; to entwine; To envelop completely; to surround; to cover; to hide; to involve in darkness or obscurity; To complicate or make intricate, as in grammatical structure; To connect with something as a natural or logical consequence or effect; to include necessarily ...
  11. (Involving) revival advocates in a supportive international fellowship of transformation partners
  12. (Involving) all the functions of an organization including production, development, sales and management.
  13. (involving) The ability of a work to make a person use it, for example as motivated by necessity (as in training) or by utility (as a tool). Cf. engrossment, immersion.
  14. v.  make necessary as a condition or result; entail
  15. verb (involved, involving) 1 to require as a necessary part. 2 (usually involve someone in something) to cause them to take part or be implicated in it. 3 to have an effect on someone or something. 4 (often involve oneself in something) to become emotionally concerned in it. ...
  16. to work directly with the public throughout the process to ensure that public concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered.
  17. only electrons, and result in the emission of radiation and/or transformation of elements.
  18. to have to do with, be connected with
  19. (v) : include, entangle