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  1. someone who commits capital in order to gain financial returns
  2. An investor is any party that makes an investment.
  3. Investor AB is a Swedish investment company, founded in 1916 and still controlled by the Wallenberg family through their foundation asset management company FAM. The company owns a controlling stake in several large Swedish companies with smaller positions in a number of other firms. ...
  4. A person who invests money in order to make a profit
  5. (INVESTORS) physical and legal entities, associations of corporate entities set together as a result of their involvement into agreements for collaboration and cooperation and who do not have a status of a legal entity, government agencies, local executive bodies, foreign entrepreneurs.
  6. (Investors) Individuals interested in life-cycle cost analysis and the value proposition of various green features.
  7. (Investors) Our readers who contribute something back to The Banker for the benefit of all of us.  Wisdom from our readers
  8. (Investors) because of that illusion (which can be compounded by the "attribution bias", see that phrase),
  9. Accredited Investors and Qualified Institutional Buyers
  10. the ultimate owner of a loan. This can be the institution that originated the loan (then the loan is held in their portfolio), another large lender or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
  11. Any person or institution that invests in mortgages or mortgage-backed securities.
  12. A person whose principal purpose is to invest money prudently and productively over the longer term with the investment objectives being achievement of a reasonable return and capital appreciation to preserve purchasing power. ...
  13. a money source for a lender.
  14. A person or corporation that invests money. See INDUSTRY PARTNER.
  15. A person who bets with a bookmaker or the totalisator.
  16. A risk taker that provides funds for investment by others or for investments for personal portfolio.
  17. An individual who buys numismatic items strictly for profit, not caring to complete a set or particular collection.
  18. The person supplying the money for a particular venture or investment. In real estate this is the lender.
  19. The person who holds the mortgage.
  20. A type of business immigrant. In order to come to Canada as an Investor an individual must have business experience and have a net worth of at least $800,000 that was obtained legally. Immigrants in this class must make an investment of $400,000. ...
  21. An investor in superannuation and/or managed funds.
  22. A person who lends money or buys assets or businesses and with the intention of making a profit.
  23. An organization, corporation, individual or other entity that acquires an ownership position in an investment, assuming risk of loss in exchange for anticipated returns.
  24. An individual who attempts to put his assets to work; in other words, to make money and not lose it. Often an investor’s concerns are income, safety of investment, and/or capital appreciation.
  25. The owner of an investment, whose principal concern in making an investment is to maximize return while minimizing risk.