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intruded, past participle; intruded, past tense; intruding, present participle; intrudes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Put oneself deliberately into a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited
    • - he had no right to intrude into their lives
    • - she felt awkward at intruding on private grief
  2. Enter with disruptive or adverse effect
    • - politics quickly intrude into the booklet
  3. Introduce into a situation with disruptive or adverse effect
    • - to intrude political criteria into military decisions risks reducing efficiency
  4. (of igneous rock) Be forced or thrust into (a preexisting formation)
    • - the granite may have intruded these rock layers
  5. Force or thrust (igneous rock) into a preexisting formation

  1. enter uninvited; "They intruded on our dinner party"; "She irrupted into our sitting room"
  2. trespass: enter unlawfully on someone's property; "Don't trespass on my land!"
  3. search or inquire in a meddlesome way; "This guy is always nosing around the office"
  4. thrust oneself in as if by force; "The colors don't intrude on the viewer"
  5. (intruding) projecting inward
  6. (intrusion) invasion: any entry into an area not previously occupied; "an invasion of tourists"; "an invasion of locusts"
  7. An intrusion is liquid rock that forms under the surface of the earth. Magma from under the surface slowly moves its way up from deep within the earth and moves into any cracks or spaces it can find, sometimes pushing existing country rock out of the way, a process that can take millions of ...
  8. (intrusion) The forcible inclusion or entry of an external group or individual; the act of intruding
  9. (Intrusion) An igneous rock body that has forced its way in a molten state into surrounding country rock.
  10. (Intrusion) Movement of a tooth back into the bone.
  11. (Intrusion) In geology, a mass of igneous rock that, while molten, was forced into or between other rocks.
  12. (intrusion) Emplacement of magma (molten rock) into preexisting rock. Dikes, sills, and batholiths are intrusions.
  13. (INTRUSION) In linguistics, the introduction of a sound into a word that, historically, should not have such a sound in that spot. See also intrusive r and intrusive schwa for examples immediately below.
  14. (Intrusion) A condition in which a tooth is forced upward into the bone tissue by a force outside the mouth.
  15. (Intrusion) A feature (landform, vegetation, or structure) that is generally considered out of context because of excessive contrast and disharmony with characteristic landscape.
  16. (Intrusion) Any set of actions that attempt to compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of a resource.
  17. (Intrusion) Attacks that are tried from outside the perimeter of security in a secure system.
  18. (Intrusion) Screw-Rotation (Charge) before injection forward to feed extra plastic material (resin) into Die cavity. Also known as Flow-Moulding.
  19. (Intrusion) Situation due to the presence of an intruder.
  20. (Intrusion) The opposite of extrusion. One of the classic behaviours of igneous rocks - emplaced within existing rocks perhaps along fractures.
  21. (Intrusion) The root of the tooth moves deeper into bone. Intrusion makes orthodontic treatment very challenging.
  22. (Intrusion) The type of alarm signal generated when the system is armed and has been violated.
  23. (Intrusion) Unauthorized act of bypassing the security mechanisms of a system.
  24. (intrusion) (JP 1-02) - The intentional insertion of electromagnetic energy into transmission paths in any manner, with the objective of deceiving operators or of causing confusion. (See also electronic warfare (EW), jamming; and meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference (MIJI) report. ...
  25. (intrusion) An illegal act of entering, seizing, or taking possession of another's.