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intestines, plural;
  1. (in vertebrates) The lower part of the alimentary canal from the end of the stomach to the anus
    • - the contents of the intestine
    • - loops of intestine
  2. (esp. in invertebrates) The whole alimentary canal from the mouth downward

  1. the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus
  2. (intestinal) of or relating to or inside the intestines; "intestinal disease"
  3. In human anatomy, the intestine (or bowel) is the segment of the alimentary canal extending from the stomach to the anus and, in humans and other mammals, consists of two segments, the small intestine and the large intestine. ...
  4. The alimentary canal of an animal through which food passes after having passed all stomachs; One of certain subdivisions of this part of the alimentary canal, such as the small or large intestine in human beings; Domestic; taking place within a given country or region; Internal
  5. (Intestines) They signified unfavorable results in own affairs, probably loss with much displeasure and family quarrels.
  6. (Intestinal) As a symptoms reducer in irritable bowel syndrome.
  7. (Intestinal) Nausea or vomiting; constipation; diarrhea
  8. To dream of seeing intestines, signifies you are about to be visited by a grave calamity, which will remove some friend. To see your own intestines, denotes grave situations are closing around you; sickness of a nature to affect you in your daily communications with others threatens you. ...
  9. Latin intestinum = the digestive tube beyond the stomach.
  10. Organ used for the transport of undigested material and transport of nutrients.
  11. Portion of the digestive system through which digested food passes.
  12. Currently taking an exam
  13. The intestine transfers food and waste products from the stomach to the anus where they are passed as stool, faeces or bowel actions by a process known as defecation. ...