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intervals, plural;
  1. An intervening time or space
    • - after his departure, there was an interval of many years without any meetings
    • - the intervals between meals were very short
  2. A pause; a break in activity
    • - an interval of mourning
  3. An intermission separating parts of a theatrical or musical performance

  4. A break between the parts of an athletic contest
    • - leading 3-0 at the interval
  5. A space between two things; a gap

  6. The difference in pitch between two musical sounds

  1. time interval: a definite length of time marked off by two instants
  2. a set containing all points (or all real numbers) between two given endpoints
  3. the distance between things; "fragile items require separation and cushioning"
  4. the difference in pitch between two notes
  5. Interval is a 1973 romantic drama film starring Merle Oberon in her final performance.
  6. In mathematics, a (real) interval is a set of real numbers with the property that any number that lies between two numbers in the set is also included in the set. For example, the set of all numbers satisfying is an interval which contains and , as well as all numbers between them. ...
  7. In music theory, an interval is a combination of two notes, or the distance between their pitches. Two-note combinations are also called dyads. Although chords are often defined as sets of three or more notes, intervals are sometimes considered to be the simplest kind of chord. ...
  8. Time has been defined as the continuum in which events occur in succession from the past to the present and on to the future. *
  9. (Intervals (album)) Intervals is the second album by See You Next Tuesday. It was set to be released on October 14, but was pushed back to October 21, 2008 by Ferret.
  10. A distance in space; A period of time; The difference (a ratio or logarithmic measure) in pitch between two notes, often referring to those two pitches themselves (otherwise known as a dyad); A connected section of the real line which may be empty or have a length of zero; An intermission; ...
  11. (intervals) The amount of time between two specified instants, events, or states.
  12. (Intervals) speed workouts, usually run on a track, with distances and target paces decided before you run. They typically consist of relatively short sprints of 220 yards to 1 mile interspersed with rest periods of slower running.
  13. (Intervals) Training in which short, fast “repeats” often 200 to 800 meters, are alternated with slow “intervals” of jogging for recovery.  Interval training builds speed and endurance.
  14. (intervals) a structured method of training that alternates brief, hard efforts with short periods of easier riding for partial recovery.
  15. (Intervals) A workout where a set distance is run repeatedly with a recovery jog in between; for example 8x200 meters w/100 meter recovery jogs. May also refer to the recovery period during a session; for example 8x200 meter repeats w/100 meter recovery intervals. ...
  16. (Intervals) Interval workouts consist of a series of alternating efforts of various intensities. They typically feature repetitions of high-intensity training transitioning to low-intensity recovery. ...
  17. (Intervals) A method of training in which a runner runs at a specified pace for a specified time or distance, and then rests or jogs for a specified time or distance.
  18. (Intervals) A period of time or specified distance. Interval training is defined as alternating short to moderate periods of hard to very hard work with short to moderate periods of rest or reduced activity. ...
  19. (Intervals) A series of “intervals” might last an entire song and be quite grueling. This is a chance to switch it up and go from climbs to sprints or jumps (standing up for 8-16 counts, then sitting down for 8-16 counts.)
  20. (Intervals) A speed workout that is composed of running faster paces mixed with slower paces.
  21. (Intervals) A type of training performed at, or close to race pace with differing lengths of rest between sets, which are designed to enable you to run at race pace
  22. (Intervals) A type of workout where sections of hard running are intermixed with walking/jogging recovery periods.
  23. (Intervals) Any series of hard effort separated by short periods of recovery running. Examples are 7x800 meter, 4x1 mile, or a ladder(s) of 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, 1.6 km. On trails, distances are less obvious or relevant, so a typical example might be 7x3 minutes. ...
  24. (Intervals) Because MATLAB uses the notation [a,b] to indicate a matrix with the two columns, a and b, this guide uses the notation [a .. b] to indicate the closed interval with endpoints a and b. This guide does the same for open and half-open intervals. For example, [a .. ...
  25. (Intervals) Distance between notes that make steps or skips in music.