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interrogations, plural;
  1. The action of interrogating or the process of being interrogated
    • - would he keep his mouth shut under interrogation?
    • - he had conducted hundreds of criminal interrogations

  1. question: a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply; "he asked a direct question"; "he had trouble phrasing his interrogations"
  2. a transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder
  3. formal systematic questioning
  4. question: an instance of questioning; "there was a question about my training"; "we made inquiries of all those who were present"
  5. (interrogate) transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication
  6. (interrogate) pose a series of questions to; "The suspect was questioned by the police"; "We questioned the survivor about the details of the explosion"
  7. Interrogation or questioning is interviewing as commonly employed by officers of the police, military, and Intelligence agencies with the goal of extracting a confession or obtaining information. Subjects of interrogation are often the suspects, victims, or witnesses of a crime. ...
  8. An interrogation scene is a form of BDSM roleplay in which the participants act out the parts of torturer and victim. ...
  9. Interrogation (Przesłuchanie) is a 1982 Polish crime film directed by Ryszard Bugajski. Due to its anti-communist themes, the Polish communist government banned the film from public viewing for over seven years, until the 1989 dissolution of the Eastern Bloc allowed it to see the light of day. ...
  10. The Interrogation was an episode of the television series Dragnet that was originally broadcast on February 3, 1967. It was produced and directed by Jack Webb who also starred as Joe Friday and co-starred Harry Morgan and Kent McCord.
  11. (Interrogate (band)) Interrogate are a heavy metal band from Northern Ireland. Originally formed in the late 90s, the band - from Castledawson, County Londonderry - have endured their fair share of hardships, but have come out the other side unscathed and invigorated. ...
  12. (interrogate) To question or quiz, especially in a thorough or aggressive manner
  13. (Interrogate (Gate)) a function usually performed by gating light source-photoreceiver pair; asking (interrogating) whether a certain condition has been met (for example, proper fill level in boxes moving along a conveyor), and thereby enabling or disabling an inspect light source-photoreceiver ...
  14. (interrogate) (v) sorub çıģarģa, sorurģa
  15. (Interrogators) Experts such as the FBI, CIA, military personnel, police and psychologists who specialize in interviewing suspects in order to reveal criminality versus innocence or to extract information by reading hidden messages in body language. ...
  16. The process of communicating with, and reading a transponder
  17. The questioning of a witness to obtain information.
  18. is the effort to acquire information to answer specific collection requirements by direct and indirect questioning techniques of a person in the custody of the forces conducting the questioning. Some examples of interrogation sources are enemy prisoners of war and detainees.
  19. Interrogation is the practice of interviewing people, often without their consent, in order to obtain information regarding crimes.  It typically involves a direct accusation or the presupposition of guilt or blame.
  20. Examine by formally or officially questioning.
  21. Students take turns to sit at the front of the class. The rest of them fire quick questions at them for one minute either general or related to the grammar point. Don’t allow any short answers. A point is given for each grammatically correct response. ...