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intermediaries, plural;
  1. Intermediate
    • - an intermediary stage
  1. A person who acts as a link between people in order to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation; a mediator
    • - intermediaries between lenders and borrowers

  1. mediator: a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
  2. An intermediary is a third party that offers intermediation services between two trading parties. The intermediary acts as a conduit for goods or services offered by a supplier to a consumer. ...
  3. Vladimir Grigoryevich Chertkov (Владимир Григорьевич Чертков; sometimes transcribed as Chertkoff or Tchertkoff) (– November 9, 1936) was a Russian writer and secretary of Leo Tolstoy, and one of the most prominent Tolstoyans.
  4. an agent acting as a mediator between sides that may disagree; one or several stages of an event which occurs after the start and before the end; Intermediate
  5. (Intermediaries) Non- or for-profit institutions that have specialized lending capacities. They obtain capital in the form of equity and low interest loans from a variety of sources, including foundations and other funders, to form a “lending pool. ...
  6. (Intermediaries) An individual, firm or organisation which helps customers to choose a mortgage and introduces mortgage applications to lenders. These include estate agents, mortgage brokers, independent financial advisors, solicitors, accountants and life assurance companies.
  7. (Intermediaries) Agents representing the interests and acting on behalf of individual investors in privatised businesses
  8. (Intermediaries) Broker or person who attempts to sort and arrange financial packages for you.
  9. (Intermediaries) Firms which act as a link between producers and consumers in a channel of distribution. 2) Are the person or institution empowered to be the intermediary in making investment decisions for others. ...
  10. (Intermediaries) Generic term referring to anyone who assists two other parties to do business e.g. IFA effectively bringing together client and insurance company. Intestacy. The result of having died intestate i.e. without a valid will. Intestate. Without a valid will.
  11. (Intermediaries) Investment firms authorised by R.N.S.C., credit institutions authorised by the National Bank of Romania according to the relevant banking legislation, as well as other such entities authorised in Member or non-Member States to carry out investment services such as those referred ...
  12. (Intermediaries) Middlemen directly involved in the purchase or sale of products as they flow from the originator to the user; they include retailers and wholesalers.
  13. (Intermediaries) Online sites that help bring together different parties such as buyers and sellers.
  14. (Intermediaries) This term refers to SBA advisories or loan packagers that assist individuals with applying for the 7a SBA loan,
  15. (Intermediaries) We are not liable for the actions of any intermediary, regardless of whether or not we selected the intermediary. We are not responsible for acts of God, outside agencies, or nonsalaried agents.
  16. (Intermediaries) can be financial institutions, DNFBP or other reliable persons or businesses that meet Criteria 9.1 to 9.4.
  17. (intermediaries) A term used to describe people or companies that raise funds for ventures, almost always being paid a commission or other form of success fee when the money is raised.
  18. (intermediaries) Chemical compounds that are intended for use in the manufacture of more complex substances.
  19. (intermediaries) Financial fiduciaries including banks, savings institutions and life insurance companies.
  20. A person who brings parties together (borrowers and lenders in particular) and assists in negotiating terms.
  21. A private company that has a contract with Medicare to pay Part A and some Part B bills.
  22. A middleman that acts for the interests of either a buyer or seller of a business, such as an agent, broker or advisor.
  23. With the parties' consent, a broker acting as an intermediary between the parties may appoint a person who is licensed under The Texas Real Estate License Act and associated with the broker to communicate with and carry out instructions of one party and another person who is licensed under the ...
  24. A mortgage broker or advisor who finds the most suitable mortgage for a borrower and arranges the mortgage on their behalf.
  25. A person or organisation that offers advice and arranges policies for clients.