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  1. mutuality: a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)
  2. (interdependent) mutually dependent
  3. Interdependence is a dynamic of being mutually and physically responsible to, and sharing a common set of principles with others. ...
  4. (Interdependent) Refers to the complementary framework of human rights law. For example, your ability to participate in your government is directly affected by your right to express yourself, to get an education, and even to obtain the necessities of life.
  5. (Interdependent) People and/or businesses depending on or helping each other.
  6. (interdependent (EN-ter-dee-PEN-dent)) things that depend on each other for their survival
  7. A relationship of mutual dependence characterized by mutual sensitivity and mutual vulnerability on the part of all the parties involved. ...
  8. Dependence among elements or sites of different infrastructures, and therefore, effects by one infrastructure upon another. [CIAO] (see also risk)
  9. Development that takes account of the inherent connections among our environment, the people living in it, and the economy within which we interact on a daily basis; and
  10. The concept that everything in nature is connected to each other, and cannot survive without the help of other plants, animals and abiotic factors (such as sun, soil, water and air) around it.
  11. a Buddhist teaching on the nature of reality which espouses that everything is dependent on and relational to something else; nothing can exists by itself, without the causes and conditions which enabled it to come into being.
  12. The function of each part of a system is mutually dependent on the functioning of other parts and the system as a whole.
  13. The only kind of independence there is, xxxxxx.  See interbeing.
  14. Understanding how people, places and environments are all inextricably interrelated and that events have repercussions on a global scale.
  15. a relationship in which things depend on one another for survival.
  16. is mutual dependence between things. If you study biology, you’ll discover that there is a great deal of interdependence between plants and animals.
  17. A state where all firms in a market or players in a game, though in competition, are dependent on the actions and strategies of all the other firms or players in that market or game. When players are interdependent, the moves of one will have ramifications for all other players in that game. ...
  18. working with others to get things done. [SVILC]
  19. Interdependence can be defined as a situation where changes or events in any single part produce some reaction or have a significant consequence in other parts of the system, or more simply, as the mutual contingency of policies.
  20. the interrelationships of wildlife with one another and with the various elements of their environment
  21. means reliance upon others in mutually beneficial interactions and exchanges.
  22. when people depend on one another for goods and services. Because citizens of the two states are interdependent, bad weather in Florida influences the availability of orange juice in Michigan.
  23. Phenomenon whereby both group and individual outcomes are influenced by what other individuals in the group do; group members must rely upon and cooperate with one another to complete the group activity.
  24. the capacity for people in a localized group (family or community) to turn to each other in a crisis. The concept probably should be distinguished from "global interdependence" created by a technological infrastructure that could be attacked. ...
  25. Throughout God’s creation there is a principle of interdependence which means that each part relates to, and has need of, the others.