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Having or showing intelligence, esp. of a high level,
  1. Having or showing intelligence, esp. of a high level
    • - Annabelle is intelligent and hardworking
    • - an intelligent guess
  2. (of a device, machine, or building) Able to vary its state or action in response to varying situations, varying requirements, and past experience

  3. (esp. of a computer terminal) Incorporating a microprocessor and having its own processing capability

  1. having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree; "is there intelligent life in the universe?"; "an intelligent question"
  2. possessing sound knowledge; "well-informed readers"
  3. healthy: exercising or showing good judgment; "healthy scepticism"; "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes"; "the healthy attitude of French laws"; "healthy relations between labor and management"; "an intelligent solution"; "a sound approach to the problem"; "sound advice"; "no sound explanation for ...
  4. endowed with the capacity to reason
  5. (intelligently) in an intelligent manner; "she acted intelligently in this difficult situation"
  6. (intelligence) the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
  7. Intelligence is an umbrella term describing a property of the mind including related abilities, such as the capacities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, learning from past experiences, planning, and problem solving.
  8. (Intelligents) The intelligentsia (from Russian on Merriam-Webster Online on интеллигенция, ; from Latin: intelligentia) is a social class of people engaged in complex, mental and creative labor directed to the development and dissemination of culture, encompassing intellectuals ...
  9. (Intelligence (film)) Intelligence is a short film starring Milo Ventimiglia, directed by Allen Martinez, played in a dozen festivals in 2006 and at 7 of these festivals such as Silver Lake Film Festival, MethodFest, LA ShortsFest and the Libertas Film Festival in Croatia. ...
  10. (Intelligence (military)) Military intelligence is a military discipline that exploits a number of information collection and analysis approaches to provide guidance and direction to commanders in support of their decisions.
  11. (Intelligence (show)) Intelligence is a Vancouver-based television crime drama starring Ian Tracey and Klea Scott that aired on the CBC. With its pilot first airing on November 28, 2005, the series began regular broadcasting on October 10, 2006. ...
  12. (Intelligence (solitaire)) Intelligence is a solitaire card game which uses two decks of playing cards mixed together. ...
  13. of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright; well thought-out, well considered; characterized by thoughtful interaction; Having the same level of brain power as mankind
  14. (intelligence) Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend; An entity that has such capacities; Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities; A ...
  15. Intelligence is the product resulting from the collection, evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of all available information, that concerns one or more aspects of foreign nations or of areas of foreign operations, and that is immediately or potentially significant to military ...
  16. (Intelligence) The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge and the faculty of thought and reason.
  17. (2. Intelligence) Intelligence refers to your ability to think analytically and logically. You should be able to assess a situation and to approach an idea from multiple perspectives.
  18. (INTELLIGENCE) It used to be thought that the sauropods (like Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus) and Stegosaurus had a second brain. Paleontologists now think that what they thought was a second brain was just an enlargement in the spinal cord in the hip area. ...
  19. (INTELLIGENCE) Over the last 20 years science has taught us a great deal about how intelligent parrots are. Although there has been other important research, thank you Alex and Dr. Pepperberg for showing us that the term “bird brain” is a complement and not an insult.
  20. (INTELLIGENCE) You must have a business head, intelligent in money matters such as investments, spending, and handling money wisely.  The model must know how to conduct business with agents, photographers, and clients.
  21. (INTELLIGENCE) determines how smart you are. More intelligence provides you with more mana, a higher chance to get critical hits, faster mana regeneration, and higher perception.
  22. (INTELLIGENCE) is the force of life expressing itself in created form.
  23. (Intelligence) (sorry still working here )
  24. (Intelligence) A broad concept made up of a large number of widely different yet specific skills.  Its measurement through the use of intelligence tests attempts to assess these skills in order to provide a global score representative of an individual’s level of functioning. ...
  25. (Intelligence) Because the IP camera includes computing power, it may also include intelligent motion detection software that interprets the camera image data and provides alerts for such events as Presence, Absence or Crossing a Line. ...