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institutes, plural;
  1. Set in motion or establish (something, esp. a program, system, or inquiry)
    • - the Illinois Department of Conservation instituted a hunt to remove deer
    • - the award was instituted in 1900
  2. Begin (legal proceedings) in a court

  3. Appoint (someone) to a position, esp. as a cleric
    • - his sons were instituted to his benefice in 1986
    • - a testator who has instituted his daughter heir
  1. A society or organization having a particular object or common factor, esp. a scientific, educational, or social one
    • - the Institute for Advanced Studies
    • - a research institute
  2. A commentary, treatise, or summary of principles, esp. concerning law

  1. establish: set up or lay the groundwork for; "establish a new department"
  2. an association organized to promote art or science or education
  3. advance or set forth in court; "bring charges", "institute proceedings"
  4. An institute is a permanent organizational body created for a certain purpose. Often it is a research organization (research institution) created to do research on specific topics. An institute can also be a professional body.
  5. Institute was an alternative rock band featuring Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. The band's only album, Distort Yourself, was released September 13, 2005.
  6. Institute for Artist Management (INSTITUTE) is an artist management company, which serves all media, editorial, advertising, entertainment, record industry, fine art, book publishing, radio, online/mobile media, public engagements and corporate clients .
  7. The Institute is a 1983 graphic adventure game released for the TRS-80, Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit by Screenplay.
  8. An organization founded to promote a cause; An institution of learning; a college, especially for technical subjects; The building housing such an institution; to begin or initiate something
  9. Institutes are one-semester intensive interdisciplinary programs addressing a single theme. A small cohort of students will explore the given theme through three discipline-specific studies. Exact format will vary with each program.
  10. An institute is usually an organization devoted to research. In practice, this can mean three things in the context of an American university:
  11. n. society or organization for a special (usu social, professional or educational) purpose
  12. The International Cyanide Management Institute.
  13. Special purpose organizational unit of complex structure which crosses disciplinary, department, and School or Divisional boundaries. Institutes often have a public or community component.
  14. A short, intensive series of lectures, discussions, etc., designed for a particular occupational group.
  15. OF REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT (IREM) - A professional association affiliated with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® for persons who meet professional standards of experience, education, and ethics with the objective of continually improving their managerial skills by mutual education and ...
  16. of Management Accountants (IMA): The most important professional association of management accountants in the United States. The IMA is headquartered in Montvale, NJ, and has local chapters throughout the U.S.
  17. An Institute of Religion is a Mormon school located near to a college or university campus, mostly in the western U.S., staffed by teachers employed by the church, and offering courses in religion and Mormonism for students attending that college.
  18. A religious educational program offered by the Church Educational System to university students and other young adults.
  19. To inaugurate, originate, or establish. In CIVIL LAW, to direct an individual who was named as heir in a will to pass over the estate to another designated person, known as the substitute.
  20. Refers to the Institute of Religion. Operated by CES (Church Education System), the program offers religion classes throughout the week for young adults. Classes are held near a college if there are enough members, and the building often also hosts activities. ...
  21. College level courses on Mormonism. Near many college campuses, the LDS church has built institute buildings, which serve as the center of college life for many LDS students.
  22. The Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.
  23. An organization created for a specific purpose, usually for research, that may be located on a college or university‘s campus.
  24. 1) 5-week long summer training/preparation for all incoming corps members, in Atlanta, Houston, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. ...
  25. Bank (like Finance institute)