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Existing or occurring at the beginning,
  1. Existing or occurring at the beginning
    • - our initial impression was favorable
  2. (of a letter) At the beginning of a word

  1. Mark or sign (a document) with one's initials, esp. in order to authorize or validate it

  2. Agree to or ratify (a treaty or contract) by signing it

  1. The first letter of a name or word, typically a person's name or a word forming part of a phrase
    • - they carved their initials into the tree trunk

  1. occurring at the beginning; "took the initial step toward reconciliation"
  2. the first letter of a word (especially a person's name); "he refused to put the initials FRS after his name"
  3. mark with one's initials
  4. Initial is the debut album from the band Person L, released on August 5, 2008. Kenny Vasoli self-recorded the album in his home studio in late 2007-2008 and released it through his record label, Human Interest. ...
  5. In phonetics and phonology, a syllable onset is the part of a syllable that precedes the syllable nucleus.
  6. (initially) When used in the Morphology section, meaning in the smallest available specimens.
  7. (initially) use first letters of words
  8. (Initials) of people as follows: F.C. Lee, Helen F. Kerr
  9. (Initials) the Christian, middle (if applicable) and surname of the owner. From 1770 and later.
  10. (initials) Cells that remain within an apical meristem as sources of new cells.
  11. Direct formed prosthetic devices provided as early management.
  12. the first letter of the text in medieval manuscripts and early printed books, made to stand out emphatically by its colour, size, and ornamentation.
  13. An initial ticket is a ticket that is issued directly, not based on a ticket-granting ticket. Some services, such as applications that change passwords, can require tickets to be marked initial in order to assure themselves that the client can demonstrate a knowledge of its secret key. ...
  14. An enlarged, decorated letter at the beginning of a story, chapter, poem, or section of text in a medieval manuscript. This is also called an initial letter. ...
  15. The initial period following the apprentice's acceptance into the program which is limited in time by these rules and during which the apprentice's appeal rights are impaired.
  16. a grammatical category in visual language holding the nascent starting point of the interrelation or interaction of the sentence
  17. Programs designed for both first-time users and for those whose certification has expired. Both international and United States law dictates that anyone with an expired dangerous goods certification must enroll in Initial certification programs. ...
  18. Noun: Cells in a meristem that remain permanently meristematic and form tissues of particular structure and function.
  19. A large typographical letter appearing at the beginning of texts. It can be specially engraved and decorated with figures or various ornaments.
  20. Ready Company (1st unit of DRF to deploy)
  21. The property's default value. If the property is inherited, this is the value that is given to the root element of the document. Otherwise it is the value that the property will have if there are no style rules for it in either the user's or the designer's style sheet.
  22. An enlarged and decorated letter introducing an important section of a text.
  23. VERY-FIRST, that is, DH [1] strikes thumb of [A dot], PO > DS, FO away.
  24. The software process is characterized as ad hoc, and occasionally even chaotic. Few processes are defined, and success depends on individual effort.
  25. margin is the amount put up initially; maintenance margin is the amount below which the margin value may not fall; variation margin is the amount required to be furnished to bring the value of the margin to the required level.