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Easily set on fire,
  1. Easily set on fire
    • - inflammable and poisonous gases
  2. Likely to provoke strong feelings
    • - the most inflammable issue in US politics today

  1. flammable: easily ignited
  2. (inflammability) flammability: the quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly
  3. Flammability is defined as how easily something will burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The degree of difficulty required to cause the combustion of a substance is quantified through fire testing. Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify flammability. ...
  4. Capable of burning; easily set on fire; Easily excited; set off by the slightest excuse; easily enraged or inflamed
  5. versus flammable.  This is a quirk of English where two words that should be antonyms are actually synonyms.  Generally, the prefix "in-" is used to negate the stem word, but something flammable will inflame if ignited. ...
  6. substance that can easily be set on fire and burn quickly.
  7. same as flammable; will burn