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Legally or officially unable to be considered for a position or benefit,
  1. Legally or officially unable to be considered for a position or benefit
    • - they wereineligible for jury duty
  2. Not suitable or desirable, esp. as a marriage partner
    • - as a son-in-law he was quite ineligible

  1. not eligible; "ineligible to vote"; "ineligible for retirement benefits"
  2. prohibited by official rules; "an ineligible pass receiver"
  3. (ineligibility) the quality or state of being ineligible
  4. (Ineligibles) An ineligible is an employee who performs services in a position under a retirement system but who is personally ineligible for membership in that system because of a personal disqualification, e.g., age, length of service, number of hours worked, or date of hiring. ...
  5. "Professional" skaters; skaters who receive money from sources not approved by the ISU.
  6. v. no tener derecho a (or no poder) recibir (or participar), no reunir (or cumplir con) los requisitos de participación; no ser apto para; no estar autorizado
  7. Invoices assigned to the lender, against which no advance is made. Ineligible invoices may be past due according to contractual terms (90 to120 days from invoice date), contra, employees, affiliates, consignments, memo guaranteed sales, or in excess of limit allowed to the debtor.
  8. You are not eligible for unemployment benefits. This may be temporary or ongoing. Benefits cannot be paid due to: the reason you are unemployed; you receiving other income; or, you being unavailable for work.
  9. A CIO is declared ineligible to enter the Appropriations process if it did not have a designated representative at either of the mandatory meetings (the one at the beginning and the end), if the representative did not check in with the group’s Appropriations Committee member following the ...
  10. for jury service, includes priests, judges, barristers, solicitors, police.
  11. The person has no disability or no substantial impediment to employment or the individual does not require vocational rehabilitation services to achieve an employment outcome.
  12. means that a request does not meet the requirements specified in 105 CMR 128.404 and 128.405. (See definition of eligible.)
  13. A person or expense that does not qualify for benefits under the plan.
  14. Not meeting specific criteria.