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indiscretions, plural;
  1. Behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment
    • - he knew himself all too prone to indiscretion
    • - sexual indiscretions

  1. the trait of being injudicious
  2. a petty misdeed
  3. "Indiscretion" is an episode of '''', the fifth episode of the fourth season. It is rated 4.4/5 on the official Star Trek Website.
  4. The quality or state of being indiscreet; want of discretion; imprudence; rashness; An indiscreet or imprudent act; indiscreet behavior; A brief sexual liaison
  5. (Indiscretions (eyes)) peculiarity of certain breeds of cats having a blue eye and the other copper (or orange). This never arrives to Korat.