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Not leading to a firm conclusion; not ending doubt or dispute,
  1. Not leading to a firm conclusion; not ending doubt or dispute
    • - the medical evidence is inconclusive

  1. not conclusive; not putting an end to doubt or question; "an inconclusive reply"; "inconclusive evidence"; "the inconclusive committee vote"
  2. A situation in which no conclusion can be reached regarding testing done due to one of many possible reasons (e.g., no results obtained, uninterpretable results obtained, no exemplar/standard available for testing).
  3. Term used to describe an allegation leading to no conclusion or definite result due to lack of witnesses or other relevant evidence.
  4. uncertain finding; a result that cannot say for certain whether a disease or condition is present; neither positive nor negative.
  5. Due to any of several possible factors, the expected outcome of a test system or study could not be achieved. Limiting factors include insufficient specimen, lack of fixation, obscuring materials, etc.