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Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts,
  1. Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts
    • - the records are patchy and incomplete
  2. Not full or finished
    • - the analysis remains incomplete

  1. not complete or total; not completed; "an incomplete account of his life"; "political consequences of incomplete military success"; "an incomplete forward pass"
  2. Incomplete is the third album by the Dutch death metal band Nembrionic. It was released in 1998 by Displeased Records. ...
  3. "Incomplete" is the first single from the Backstreet Boys album Never Gone, released in June 2005. The power ballad is the group's first single since they decided to reunite after four years of separation, became one of their most successful singles, peaking at #13 in the Billboard Hot 100 and ...
  4. Stranger than Fiction is the eighth full-length studio album (tenth release overall) by Bad Religion, released in 1994 (see 1994 in music). ...
  5. "Incomplete" is a 2000 number-one single recorded by Sisqó for Def Soul Records. Written by Def Soul artist Montell Jordan and Anthony "Shep" Crawford, and produced by Crawford, the song was Sisqó's biggest solo single, and his only number-one hit. ...
  6. (Incompleteness) In general, an object is complete if nothing needs to be added to it. This notion is made more specific in various fields.
  7. Something incomplete. (Internet) A multipart file posted to Usenet that is incomplete and thus unusable. ...
  8. (Incompletes) One barrier to the experience of success, happiness, and love is the unacknowledged accumulation of life's unsatisfying conversations; in communication coaching jargon these are called incompletes. ( examples )
  9. A temporary grade given to a student who has to leave a class with the intention of completing it within the next semester.
  10. The status of an application in ULS that is not yet completed or submitted. Note: The system saves incomplete applications for 30 days.
  11. Flower that is lacking one or more of the four characteristic parts, including the sepals (calyx), petals (corolla), stamens (androecium) and pistil (gynoecium). For example, apetalous flowers are incomplete flowers lacking petals.
  12. A temporary grade given to a student who is doing satisfactory work but is forced by illness or other emergency to miss an exam or a major assignment. The instructor and student arrange how and when the student will complete the work and have the "I" changed to a final letter grade. ...
  13. a grade that may be given to a student who has not completed all of the requirements for a course prior to the end of the semester or term.
  14. means no credit has been earned for a course. "I" grades are not considered passing grades and could jeopardize your future financial aid.
  15. The symbol  “I” signifies that a portion of required course work has not been completed and evaluated in the prescribed time period owing to unforeseen but fully justified reasons and that there is still a possibility of earning credit. ...
  16. Expulsion of only part of the contents of the uterus or rupture of the membranes.
  17. The "I" symbol is a mark that is given when a student has been performing satisfactory work, but, for a reason beyond the student's control, has been unable to complete the required work for the course. Incomplete grades revert to grades of "F" if not made up within one regular semester.
  18. An incomplete on your transcript means that a portion of work for a class needs to be completed
  19. Grade received if student has not completed a course because of illness or other sufficient reason. All coursework must be completed within one year.
  20. Students who are unable to complete their term work may apply to the instructor prior to the end of lectures for an "incomplete" grade and additional time to complete their work. Students will, however, write the final examination. ...
  21. The number of people who have opened and partially completed your survey.
  22. Students who have extenuating health, personal or family circumstances may request a grade of "I," or incomplete, from their professors. ...
  23. An interview or survey that is not completed, even though the respondent is qualified to participate and is admitted into the survey.
  24. Not perfect; wanting some of its parts.
  25. any note or record that is not complete as defined by state or federal law, facility guidelines, or clinical preference.