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inactivities, plural;
  1. The state of being inactive; idleness
    • - don't suddenly take up vigorous exercise after years of inactivity
  2. Reluctance to take action; apathy
    • - people are frustrated with government inactivity

  1. inaction: the state of being inactive
  2. inactiveness: a disposition to remain inactive or inert; "he had to overcome his inertia and get back to work"
  3. (inactive) (chemistry) not participating in a chemical reaction; chemically inert; "desired amounts of inactive chlorine"
  4. (inactive) (pathology) not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly
  5. (inactive) nonoperational: (military) not involved in military operations
  6. (inactive) not exerting influence or change
  7. The quality of being inactive; idleness; passiveness
  8. (inactive) Not active, temporarily or permanently; Not functioning or operating; broken down; Retired from duty or service; Relatively inert; Showing no optical activity in polarized light
  9. (Inactive) A general-purpose zone or subzone site that has been approved by the FTZ Board, but is not “activated” with CBP.  No activity under FTZ procedures is occurring at an inactive site.
  10. (Inactive) Someone who’s not on at the time or doesn’t play anymore.
  11. (Inactive) Your request of an item in the library system has been placed but will not take effect until a future date. For an Interlibrary loan item, the library must review the request before it is sent.
  12. (INACTIVE) A licensee who is currently on Inactive Status and, therefore is not eligible to act as, advertise as, or hold him or herself out to be an LSP. An LSP may be on Inactive Status for up to two years. While on Inactive Status, an LSP is not required to pursue continuing education credits.
  13. (INACTIVE) In vexillology a term that may be used to describe when the rays of a star or sun emblem, or a radiating stripe, are straight-edged – see ‘active’ (also ‘active and inactive’, ‘radiating’ and ‘star’ and its following note and ‘sunburst’).
  14. (INACTIVE) Permit or attached compositions are opened, approvals have not expired, but Applicant has suspended work and not pursuing project's completion at this time. HEALTH: Permit no longer needed.
  15. (INACTIVE) Ships identified are laid-up (non-operating/non-readiness status). The Reserve Fleet Inactive Summary includes ships under Headings for Title XI, MARAD and Navy.
  16. (INACTIVE) The licensee must notify the Department (on an Inactive/Active Status Form) if the license is going to be in NON-USE (the license is not used for a period of time over thirty (30) consecutive days. ...
  17. (InActive) Collection / Seed collections or seeds that are not scheduled for crawling. When a collection and/or seed is marked inactive, the URL's crawled from that seed will not be deleted, and are still searchable and viewable.
  18. (Inactive) A member who has elected to become inactive in sorority or fraternity life. They have no say or participation in chapter activities.
  19. (Inactive) A status indicating that a program, job, policy, or scan is not currently running. For example, when a scheduled scan awaits for the specified date and time to execute, it is inactive.
  20. (Inactive) A term not officially used in the Church any more. See Less Active.
  21. (Inactive) An authorization status. The result of rejecting an authorization.
  22. (Inactive) An initiated member or chapter that is no longer active on campus
  23. (Inactive) Banda della Magliana
  24. (Inactive) Chapters who do not fulfill their reporting and financial obligations are not in compliance and therefore are not considered in good standing with the fraternity. ...
  25. (Inactive) Dissolved or expired entity that is not required to file reports and/or fees and Trade Name that has expired.