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impressed, past participle; impresses, 3rd person singular present; impressing, present participle; impressed, past tense;
  1. Force (someone) to serve in an army or navy
    • - a number of Poles, impressed into the German army
  2. Commandeer (goods or equipment) for public service

  1. impressed(p): deeply or markedly affected or influenced
  2. (impressive) making a strong or vivid impression; "an impressive ceremony"
  3. Impressive (1968-04-15 - 1995-03-20) was born an Appendix American Quarter Horse, however earned his full AQHA registration in 1971. He was the 1974 World Champion Open Aged halter stallion, the first such World Champion in his breed, despite carrying only 48 halter points in total. ...
  4. (Impressments) Impressment, colloquially, "the Press", was the act of compelling men to serve in a navy by force and without notice. ...
  5. strongly affected, especially favourably; stamped, under pressure; compelled to serve in a military force; confiscated by force or authority
  6. forced; used to refer to the forced recruitment of sailors into the British Navy
  7. a mischievous fairy lies down for a bit
  8. indented or sunken, a term usually applied to the suture.
  9. sunken into the surface of
  10. chest, confess, request