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Living forever; never dying or decaying,
  1. Living forever; never dying or decaying
    • - our mortal bodies are inhabited by immortal souls
  2. Deserving to be remembered forever
    • - the immortal children's classic, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”
  1. An immortal being, esp. a god of ancient Greece or Rome

  2. A person of enduring fame
    • - he will always be one of the immortals of hockey
  3. The royal bodyguard of ancient Persia

  4. A member of the French Academy

  1. a person (such as an author) of enduring fame; "Shakespeare is one of the immortals"
  2. not subject to death
  3. deity: any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
  4. (immortality) the quality or state of being immortal
  5. (immortality) perpetual life after death
  6. Immortal (French: Immortel (ad vitam)) is a 2004 English language, French-produced science fiction film, directed by artist Enki Bilal and based upon his graphic novel La Foire aux immortels (The Carnival of Immortals). ...
  7. Immortal is the debut album by Beth Hart. It was released under the moniker of the Beth Hart Band.
  8. Immortal is Japanese heavy metal band Anthem's fifth studio album since their reformation in the year 2000. In Europe the album was sold together with the Anthem 20th Anniversary Tour 2005 bonus DVD .
  9. Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band was formed by Abbath and Demonaz Doom Occulta after their previous band, Amputation, did not take off.
  10. Immortal is the sixth solo Studio Album by Bob Catley, released by Frontiers Records in 2008.
  11. Immortal is a 1986 album by gospel singer Cynthia Clawson. The hymn "Immortal Invisible" was a hit on contemporary Christian radio, and the album peaked at number 36 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian album chart. ...
  12. Immortal is a 7" EP recorded by the Norwegian black metal band Immortal. It was later repackaged in 2000 as part of the True Kings of Norway compilation by Spikefarm Records.
  13. Immortals are a group of fictional characters seen in the movies and series of the Highlander franchise. Since they are immune to disease and stop aging after becoming Immortal, they can live forever and they only die when they are beheaded.
  14. The Immortal is a comic book superhero character from the Image Comics series Invincible.
  15. An immortal, in MUDs and particularly DikuMUDs, is an administrator and/or developer of the game, often a player who has achieved "immortal" status by achievements within the game world. It is frequently abbreviated "imm" or "immort". ...
  16. Music and Me is the seventh studio album by Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo, released in the Philippines on December 22, 2009 by VIVA Records. The album consists of revivals of both foreign and OPM classics. ...
  17. One that is not susceptible to death; A member of an elite regiment of the Persian army; A member of the Académie française; Not susceptible to one, or more, or all forms of death. Who possesses biological immortality, thus is unable to grow old or rejuvenates regularly and indefinitely. ...
  18. (IMMORTALITY) Eternal life. Those who follow Christ will rise to eternal life with Him in heaven; those who reject Him will be resurrected to eternity in hell (John 3:16-18; 5:26-29).
  19. (Immortality) The quality of the spiritual human soul whereby it survives the death of the body and remains in existence without end, to be reunited with the body at the final resurrection.
  20. (IMMORTALITY) (pp. 615-617): Outnumbering the Living should be Outnumbering the Dead.
  21. (Immortality) Deathless or indestructible. A quality of God and the soul.
  22. (Immortality) Life which can never end. Only God, Jesus (Michael the archangel), and resurrected "Anointed" JWs have immortality. See also Everlasting Life.
  23. (Immortality) Life without death anytime in the future.  God is immortal.  The souls of people are immortal though their bodies are not.  All people can die in a physical sense but they continue on after death.  Therefore, it is the soul that is immortal. ...
  24. (Immortality) Trait of a cell or population of cells to proliferate (divide) indefinitely.
  25. (Immortality) Vampires lives are extended hundreds of years. They gain power and length by creating new blood children. They will not live forever. Witches lost immortality following the Protection, and can only renew it with vampire blood.