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The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country,
  1. The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country
    • - patterns of immigration from the Indian sub-continent to Britain
  2. The place at an airport or country's border where government officials check the documents of people entering that country

  1. migration into a place (especially migration to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there)
  2. the body of immigrants arriving during a specified interval; "the increased immigration strengthened the colony"
  3. (immigrant) a person who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there
  4. (immigrate) migrate to a new environment; "only few plants can immigrate to the island"
  5. (immigrate) come into a new country and change residency; "Many people immigrated at the beginning of the 20th century"
  6. Immigration is the introduction of new people into a habitat or population. It is a biological concept and is important in population ecology, differentiated from emigration and migration.
  7. Immigration is the fifth album of the Japanese rock group Show Ya. The album was released on November 5, 1987 in Japan. Yasushi Akimoto and Tsutsumi Kyohei worked together again in song composition. Makoto Matsushita arranged all the music, this time collaborating with the band. ...
  8. (Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita)) Immigrants, also known as L.A. Dolce Vita (Hungarian title: Immigrants - Jóska menni Amerika) is a Hungarian-American animated film directed by Gábor Csupó. The Hungarian release date was October 30, 2008. ...
  9. (The Immigrant) The Immigrant (also called Broke) is a 1917 American comedy short film starring the Charlie Chaplin Tramp character as an immigrant coming to the United States who is accused of theft on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and befriends a young woman along the way. ...
  10. (The Immigrant (Musical)) The Immigrant - a new American musical is a chamber musical with music by Steven M. Alper and lyrics by Sarah Knapp, and book by Mark Harelik. Originally a play by Mark Harelik based on the true story of his grandfather, it subsequently received this musical adaptation. ...
  11. (The Immigrants) The Immigrants (1977) is a historical novel written by Howard Fast. Set in San Francisco during the early 20th Century, this best-seller tells the story of Daniel Lavette, a self described "roughneck" who rises from the ashes of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and becomes one ...
  12. The act of immigrating; the passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence
  13. (immigrate) To move into another country to stay there permanently
  14. (Immigrant) A person who resides in a nation, country, or region other than that of his/her origin. Also known as nonnative, outlander, outsider, alien, etc.
  15. (Immigrant) One moving permanently into a country from another.
  16. (Immigrant) A person who is (or has been) a landed immigrant, that is, a person who has been granted the right to live in Canada permanently by Canadian immigration authorities. ...
  17. (Immigrant) A "Permanent Resident Alien" who is admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident. Immigrants are legally accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States and are issued immigrant visas or adjusted to permanent resident status by the USCIS.
  18. (Immigrant) A person who has been lawfully permitted to come to Canada to establish a permanent residence. This may be for a variety of personal, political, religious, social or economic reasons. ...
  19. (Immigrant) A person who moves to a new country, usually permanently (i.e. not including people living in Canada temporarily as a worker, student or visitor). ...
  20. (Immigrant) A person with two parents born abroad and who has immigrated to Norway him-or herself. (Source: Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion)
  21. (Immigrant) Also called a permanent resident or green card holder. This is any U.S. resident who isn't yet a citizen, but is living legally in the U.S.
  22. (Immigrant) An alien seeking entry into the United States, except for an alien who is within one of the 19 basic classes of nonimmigrant aliens.  INA Section 101(a)(15), 8 USC Section 1101(a)(15).  The term does not include nonimmigrants under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  23. (Immigrant) An alien who comes to the US to live permanently.
  24. (Immigrant) Individual born outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, or an outlying United States territory.
  25. (Immigrant) Native somewhere else, but having arrived in the area specified of its own accord, by walking flying, swimming, rafting, or hitchhiking (adjective). ...