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immediacies, plural;
  1. The quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement
    • - electronic mail works because it has the immediacy of a scribbled memo

  1. lack of an intervening or mediating agency; "the immediacy of television coverage"
  2. immediate intuitive awareness
  3. the quickness of action or occurrence; "the immediacy of their response"; "the instancy of modern communication"
  4. Immediacy is a philosophical concept related to time and temporal perspectives, both visual, cognitive. Considerations of immediacy reflect on how we experience the world and what reality is.
  5. an alternative rendering for contiguity-condition, samanatara-paccaya, which is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya, q.v.)
  6. After a response, how immediately a consequence is then felt determines the effectiveness of the consequence. More immediate feedback will be more effective than less immediate feedback. ...
  7. news is about what is new or immediate, report events as quickly as possible after they occur, news written in present tense usually, causes belong in past so not covered, stories created with some sense of uncertainty about consequences in order to create curiosity and general interest at ...
  8. The general method of philosophers is virtually an endless debate about their own and others theories.  Yet, there are real, immediate problems that need to be addressed for everyone, including the "common man," for example, the problem of evil in society and death with an or no afterlife. ...
  9. Theory of immediacy demonstrates how persons signal the emotional responses of attraction, dominance, and arousal through nonverbal (and verbal) messages related to physical closeness; for example, eye contact and movement toward another, as indicators of immediacy, correlate with desires for ...
  10. A quality to be strived for in making your work look like and exist in the present. Also, technique designed to justify a faster pace.
  11. Mobile campaigns are easy to create and execute; messages are delivered to recipients within seconds.
  12. A state of crisis demands rapid intervention
  13. It occurs when the communicator is completely focused on the communication situation. (ch 15) (534)
  14. produced and consumed at the same time
  15. Refers to one of Kelly’s (2008) eight intangible values;