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imbalances, plural;
  1. Lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things
    • - tension is generated by the imbalance of power
    • - the condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance

  1. a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium; "a hormonal imbalance"
  2. asymmetry: (mathematics) a lack of symmetry
  3. The property of not being in balance
  4. (imbalances) the adjustment of macroeconomic imbalances between surplus “saving” and deficit “spending” countries is seen as a major contributing factor in the global financial crisis that began in 2008. ...
  5. The state or condition of lacking balance. (Muscular imbalances) Lack of balance and normal symmetry within the muscular system.
  6. Displacement of the center of gravity from the geometric center of a bowling ball.
  7. A condition on rotating equipment where the center of mass does not lie on the center of rotation. Imbalance can severely reduce bearing life as well as cause undue machine vibration.
  8. When a party receives or delivers a quantity of natural gas, then redelivers or uses a larger or smaller quantity of natural gas to another party.
  9. A state in which one member (or a group) has more or less access to responsibilities, influence, and resources.
  10. A condition where the generation and interchange schedules do not match demand.
  11. The condition that exists when a tire's mass is not evenly distributed around the rolling axis and centerline, causing bounce (static imbalance) or shake (dynamic imbalance).
  12. A lack of balance due to uneven weight distribution. Improper wheel balance due to uneven weight distribution on the tire and wheel assembly is one of the most common causes of vibration. ...
  13. Unequal radial weight distribution on a rotor system; a shaft condition such that the mass and shaft geometric centerlines do not coincide.
  14. Any difference between the White and Black positions. Material advantage, superior pawn structure, superior minor piece, space, development and the initiative are all typical imbalances.
  15. A situation where there is a difference between the amount of power consumed and the amount of electricity contracted or sold.
  16. A lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things.
  17. Irregularity  or Inconsistencies  Unevenness in the system (in productivity and/or  quality)
  18. A non-uniform distribution of mass in a tire and wheel assembly about its axis of rotation.
  19. Occurs when opposing or interacting forms are out of equilibrium in a pictorial composition.