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imagined, past tense; imagines, 3rd person singular present; imagined, past participle; imagining, present participle;
  1. Form a mental image or concept of
    • - imagine a road trip from Philadelphia to Chicago
    • - I couldn't imagine what she expected to tell them
  2. Believe (something unreal or untrue) to exist or be so
    • - they suffered from ill health, real or imagined, throughout their lives
  3. Suppose or assume
    • - after Ned died, everyone imagined that Mabel would move away
  4. Just suppose
    • - imagine! to outwit Heydrich!

  1. form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; "Can you conceive of him as the president?"
  2. think: expect, believe, or suppose; "I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel"; "I thought to find her in a bad state"; "he didn't think to find her in the kitchen"; "I guess she is angry at me for standing her up"
  3. Imagine was the name of a cutting edge 3D modeling and raytracing program, originally for the Amiga computer and later also for MSDOS and Microsoft Windows. It was created by Impulse, Inc. It used the .iob extension for its objects. ...
  4. Imagine is a cover of the John Lennon song of the same name recorded by American alternative rock band A Perfect Circle for the album eMOTIVe.
  5. Imagine Magazine was a monthly magazine dedicated to the first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Dungeons and Dragons role playing game systems published by TSR UK Limited between April 1983 and October 1985. ...
  6. Imagine is John Lennon's second solo album and is considered the most popular of his solo works. Recorded and released in 1971, the album tended toward songs that were gentler, more commercial and less avant-garde than the ones he released on his more critically acclaimed previous album, John ...
  7. Imagine is the third studio album by Dutch trance producer and DJ Armin van Buuren.
  8. Imagine is an educational periodical for 7th-12th graders and published by the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at Johns Hopkins University. It is intended to provide intellectual stimulus for students looking toward their college years. ...
  9. Imagine is the third album (sixth overall) by American singer Eva Cassidy. Released in 2002, six years after her death, it was her second UK no. 1 album.
  10. Imagine is a 1971-produced and 1972-released movie by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, filmed mostly at their Tittenhurst Park home in Ascot, England, during 1971, and intended for television. All the songs from Lennon's Imagine album of the same name appear in the soundtrack, and also the songs "Mrs. ...
  11. Imagine is an image and animation viewer developed by Chun Sejin for Microsoft Windows, capable of viewing numerous image formats, including ANI, ANM (Deluxe Paint Animation), BMP, CorelDRAW, CDT, PAT, CMX, CUR, DCX, DDS, EMF, GIF, ICL, ICO, JPE, JPEG, MacPaint, MNG, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PIC, CEL ...
  12. "Imagine" is a song written and performed by English musician John Lennon. It is the opening track on his album Imagine, released in 1971. "Imagine" was released as a single in the United States where it reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. ...
  13. Imagine is a wide ranging arts series first broadcast on BBC One in 2003, hosted and executive produced by Alan Yentob. Each series usually consists of 4 to 7 episodes, each on a different topic. ...
  14. Imagine is a series of video games for primarily for the Nintendo DS and Wii game consoles, aimed primarily at girls released from 2007 and still expanding.
  15. To form a mental image of something; to envision or create something in one's mind; To believe in something created by one's own mind; To assume; To conjecture or guess; To use one's imagination; To guess or conjecture
  16. Method for establishing positive initiatives based on a structured approach to imagining the future.
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  18. mental image/concept/creation, conjecture, conceive, picture (non-existent/not present), guess, opinion, suppose, false belief
  19. is the latest incarnation of Sea World's dolphin show. The show features similar tricks to previous shows with only the storyline and music changing. ...
  20. And the next principle is use the principle of imagination. Try to use the new vocabulary in new ways. Try to use it in novel ways, and ways that apply to you and your own situation. And now enough theory, lets start to talk about how to really study vocabulary!
  21. living in a house that is permanently dust free, driving a car that automatically repairs itself, traveling at two thousand miles an hour in absolute comfort, and having the chances of getting ill significantly reduced by living in a city that self regulates it’s air and water by design. ...