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illiteracies, plural;
  1. The inability to read or write
    • - the ineffective educational system meant that illiteracy was widespread
  2. Lack of knowledge in a particular subject; ignorance
    • - his economic illiteracy

  1. ignorance resulting from not reading
  2. an inability to read
  3. (illiterate) a person unable to read
  4. (illiterate) ignorant: uneducated in the fundamentals of a given art or branch of learning; lacking knowledge of a specific field; "she is ignorant of quantum mechanics"; "he is musically illiterate"
  5. (illiterate) lacking culture, especially in language and literature
  6. Literacy has traditionally been described as the ability to read and write. It is a concept claimed and defined by a range of different theoretical fields. ...
  7. The inability to read; The portion of a population unable to read, generally given as a percentage; A word, phrase, or grammatical turn thought to be characteristic of an illiterate person
  8. (ILLITERATE) This term is applied to one unacquainted with letters.
  9. (illiterate) SChreiben und lesens unkundig
  10. (illiterate) i(l)ˈlitərit| adjective
  11. (Illiterates) In law, an illiterate refers to an individual who cannot read or speak English. Illiterate individuals are bound to an agreement if they understand its nature. However, if it is fraudulently interpreted by another party, then the contract is void. See foreigner.
  12. Illiteracy means the inability to read or write. SSA considers someone illiterate if the person cannot read or write a simple message such as instructions or inventory lists, even though the person can sign his or her name. Generally, an illiterate person has had little or no formal schooling.
  13. Disease caught from books