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Not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules,
  1. Not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules
    • - an illegitimate exercise of power by the military
  2. (of a child) Born of parents not lawfully married to each other

  1. A person who is illegitimate by birth

  1. bastard: the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents
  2. contrary to or forbidden by law; "an illegitimate seizure of power"; "illicit trade"; "an outlaw strike"; "unlawful measures"
  3. of marriages and offspring; not recognized as lawful
  4. (illegitimately) in a manner disapproved or not allowed by custom; "He acted illegitimately when he increased the rent fourfold"
  5. (illegitimately) of biological parents not married to each other; "this child was born illegitimately"
  6. (illegitimacy) bastardy: the status of being born to parents who were not married
  7. (illegitimacy) unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law
  8. Illegal; against the law; Born to unmarried parents; Illogical; incorrectly deduced
  9. (Illegitimacy) All references to and evidence of the birth of a child out of wedlock. It can also appear in the documents as “natural child,” “bastard,” and related terms
  10. (Illegitimacy) The Marks of Illegitimacy are varied, and in early examples are scarcely to be distinguished from marks of difference. The earliest known instance in English heraldry is the six lioncels borne by William Longspee, derived from his father, Henry II. ...
  11. (Illegitimacy) The condition before the law, or the social status, of a child whose parents were not married to each other at the time of his or her birth.
  12. Born to a mother who was not married to the child’s father.
  13. adj. 1.Laws that prohibit or inhibit adoptees and original parents from finding each other. 2. Any act of coersion that separates families. It is illogical that this word should be an adjective for a human being.
  14. a child that is born to an unwed mother
  15. That which is contrary to law; it is usually applied to children born out of lawful wedlock. A bastard is sometimes called an illegitimate child.
  16. Contrary to the law or not lawful.
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  18. Refers to a name published validly, but not satisfying one or more articles of the Code of botanical nomenclature or the Code of Nomenclature for cultivated Plants.