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igniting, present participle; ignites, 3rd person singular present; ignited, past tense; ignited, past participle;
  1. Catch fire or cause to catch fire
    • - furniture can give off lethal fumes when it ignites
    • - sparks flew out and ignited the dry scrub
  2. Arouse (an emotion)
    • - the words ignited new fury in him
  3. Inflame or instigate (a situation)
    • - the controversial teaching is also expected to ignite the dormant confrontation

  1. cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat; "Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter"; "Light a cigarette"
  2. erupt: start to burn or burst into flames; "Marsh gases ignited suddenly"; "The oily rags combusted spontaneously"
  3. inflame: arouse or excite feelings and passions; "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor"; "The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world"; "Wake old feelings of hatred"
  4. (ignited) set afire; "the ignited paper"; "a kindled fire"
  5. (ignition) the process of initiating combustion or catching fire
  6. (ignition) the mechanism that ignites the fuel in an internal-combustion engine
  7. Ignite! Learning, Inc. is an educational software and hardware company co-founded in 1999 by Texas businessman Neil Bush and Ken Leonard. Neil is a brother of Former President George W. Bush and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and son of former President George Herbert Walker Bush. ...
  8. Ignite is the fourth full-length album by the industrial alternative rock band Econoline Crush. It was recorded from July 24, 2007 to October 12, 2007, and released independently on January 15, 2008. ...
  9. Ignite is a hardcore punk band from Orange County, California. Formed in 1993, their commercial breakthrough album came in May 30, 2000, on TVT Records, and was called A Place Called Home. ...
  10. Ignite is a style of presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. Pecha Kucha is a similar format that features 20 slides for 20 seconds each.
  11. IGNITE is the eighth studio album from Shihad and will be released on 20 September 2010 in New Zealand and on 24 September 2010 in Australia. It is said to show a return to a sound from their early days .
  12. Ignite is a program for gifted and talented young people in South Australia, created in 1998 and formerly known as SHIP (Students with High Intellectual Potential). It is administered by the South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS).
  13. to set fire to (something), to light (something); to spark off (something), to enthuse; to commence burning
  14. (Ignition) Elevating the temperature of a substance to the point of causing a combustion reaction.
  15. (Ignition) The point at which a market gains momentum, liquidity is achieved, and the Net market becomes a more efficient means of buying and selling than the traditional physical market or channel. (Related term: Critical mass, liquidity, network effect.)
  16. (Ignition) The lighting of a fuel to make it burn.
  17. (Ignition) A circuit that displays voltage when the vehicles key switch position is in the "run" and "start" positions.
  18. (Ignition) All components that create the spark to occur at the right time within the engine.
  19. (Ignition) Complete system used to step up battery voltage to a higher voltage and deliver it to the spark plug to complete the combustion process. When the key is turned on, the ignition system is energized.
  20. (Ignition) In laser fusion, ignition is defined as energy output equal to or greater than the amount of laser energy incident on the target assembly (for indirect drive, the target assembly consists of the hohlraum and fuel capsule; for direct drive, it consists of the capsule). ...
  21. (Ignition) The initiation of burning, either of a priming compound or a propellant.
  22. (Ignition) The point at which a fusion reaction becomes self-sustaining. At ignition, fusion self-heating is sufficient to compensate for all energy losses, external sources of heating power are no longer necessary to sustain the reaction.
  23. (Ignition) The way the fuel is ignited inside the engine. This is normally achieved by a spark from a sparkplug.
  24. (Ignition) in an emergency situation, lighting a release on fire to burn the released gases into a less toxic form.
  25. (ignition) the transfer of fire from one source to another