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huts, plural;
  1. Provide with huts
    • - a hutted encampment
  1. A small single-story building of simple or crude construction, serving as a poor, rough, or temporary house or shelter

  1. temporary military shelter
  2. hovel: small crude shelter used as a dwelling
  3. A hut is a small and crude shelter, usually used for dwelling. Its design favors local techniques and materials to allow for swift and inexpensive construction.
  4. a small wooden shed; a primitive dwelling; to put into a hut; to take shelter in a hut
  5. (HUTs) and PUTs Two measures of statistics used by analysts of Nielsen Media Research that denote houses using television and people using television.
  6. To dream of a hut, denotes indifferent success. To dream that you are sleeping in a hut, denotes ill health and dissatisfaction. To see a hut in a green pasture, denotes prosperity, but fluctuating happiness.
  7. Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, flown on the Astro-1 and Astro-2 missions of the space shuttle. Designed to measure the spectra of celestial objects in the deep ultraviolet range from 912-1800 Angstroms, especially in the rich spectral region just shortward of 1150 Angstroms where the Hubble ...
  8. A structure on the top of the stage cover in the Globe theater. Here, stagehands produced special effects such as thunder and lightning and operated the machinery to let actors dressed as gods or spirits descend through a trapdoor in the heavens.
  9. Brakeman's shelter just back of the coal bunkers on the tender tank of engines operating through Moffat Tunnel. May also refer to caboose, locomotive cab, switchman's shanty, or crossing watchman's shelter
  10. The percentage of TV HHs viewing TV during a specific time period.
  11. Hutzler Undergraduate Library. An all- night study room on the second floor of Gilman Hall.
  12. A test product is provided for participants to use at home. Reactions to the test product are determined in a follow-up telephone survey, online survey, or in-person interview. Learn More
  13. A small or mean house, a temporary building.
  14. Helsinki University of Technology
  15. histidine utilization [gene]
  16. Homes Using Television, a common television industry term for households watching TV; "HUT levels are traditionally down during the summer."