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howls, plural;
  1. Make a howling sound
    • - he howled in agony
    • - the wind howled around the house
  2. Weep and cry out loudly
    • - a baby started to howl
  3. Shout in disapproval in order to prevent a speaker from being heard
    • - they howled me down and called me a chauvinist
  1. A long, loud, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a dog or wolf

  2. A loud cry of pain, fear, anger, amusement, or derision
    • - he let out a howl of anguish
    • - I got howls of protest from readers
  3. A prolonged wailing noise such as that made by a strong wind
    • - they listened to the howl of the gale
  4. A wailing noise in a loudspeaker due to electrical or acoustic feedback

  1. (howl) emit long loud cries; "wail in self-pity"; "howl with sorrow"
  2. (howl) cry loudly, as of animals; "The coyotes were howling in the desert"
  3. (howl) the long plaintive cry of a hound or a wolf
  4. (howl) a loud sustained noise resembling the cry of a hound; "the howl of the wind made him restless"
  5. (howl) roar: make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles; "The wind was howling in the trees"; "The water roared down the chute"
  6. (howl) roar: laugh unrestrainedly and heartily
  7. Howl is the first full-length album by Empires, released online on May 27, 2008. It was entirely recorded and mixed by the band in guitarist Max Steger's studio. Within the first week of its release, over 15,000 copies were downloaded from all over the world.
  8. (Howl (album)) Howl is a 2005 album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It is their third studio album and was released on August 22, 2005. The record was released in the UK and Europe by Echo and by RCA in the U.S. (distributed through RED Distribution), Australia, Japan and the rest of the world.
  9. (Howl (American band)) Howl is an American Doom metal band from Providence, Rhode Island, formed in 2006. They released their debut full-length album, Full of Hell, in May 2010.>
  10. (Howl (Australian band)) Howl are an Australian punk band. They formed at Ballarat High School and are named after the Allen Ginsberg poem Howl. They won Triple J's Unearthed High competition with their song "Blackout" which was placed on high rotation on Triple J.
  11. (Howl (band)) Howl is a rock band from Oslo, Norway. The band's name is taken from the Allen Ginsberg poem with the same name.
  12. (Howl (EP)) Howl is an EP and first release by American Doom metal band Howl. It was originally released independently in 2008, and was reissued on July 21, 2009 following the band's signing with Relapse Records.
  13. (Howl (film)) Howl is a 2010 genre-bending biopic of famed beat poet Allen Ginsberg, portrayed by James Franco. ...
  14. (Howl (poem)) "Howl" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg as part of his 1956 collection of poetry titled Howl and Other Poems. The poem is considered to be one of the seminal works of the Beat Generation along with Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957), and William S. Burroughs's Naked Lunch (1959). ...
  15. (Howl (software)) Zero configuration networking (zeroconf), is a set of techniques that automatically creates a usable Internet Protocol (IP) network without manual operator intervention or special configuration servers.
  16. (Howling (Abingdon Boys School song)) "Howling" is the second single from Abingdon Boys School on May 16, 2007. The single reached the fourth spot on the Oricon charts in its debut week. The song would later be featured on the band's debut album, Abingdon Boys School as "Howling -Inch Up-".
  17. (Howling (Hitomi Yaida song)) Howling was Hitomi Yaida's debut single. It was released independently by Aozora Records on May 3, 2000.
  18. (Howling (The Angels album)) Howling is a 1986 album by Australian hard rock band The Angels''.
  19. (The Howl) The Howl (L'urlo) is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Tinto Brass. It was entered into the 20th Berlin International Film Festival.
  20. (howl) The protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf, or other like sound; A prolonged cry of distress or anguish; a wail; To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do; To utter a sound expressive of pain or distress; to cry aloud and mournfully; to lament; ...
  21. (Howl) Allen Ginsberg's controversial book of poetry that was declared obscene and banned. Ginsberg won the court case, a landmark for free speech. Ginsberg pioneered a new style of writing and artfully expressed his innermost rage at society's shortcomings. ...
  22. (Howl) Noise generated in the range of 500 to 1,000 Hz and caused by stick-slip.
  23. (howl) "Woe is me, I'm so sad," "I'm in a lot of pain", "I'm afraid" What it means depends on the situation and the pitch. You'll know a sad howl when you hear it!
  24. (howl) A Wolfrider ritual; a great gathering of the tribe to celebrate or mourn a person or event. There may be storytelling or simply a howl to the sky.
  25. (howl) lûrandin, lûrelûrkirdin