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hours, plural;
  1. A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 minutes
    • - an extra hour of daylight
    • - rates have ranged from $9 to $32 an hour
    • - a two-hour operation
  2. A less definite period of time
    • - during the early hours of the morning
  3. The distance traveled in one hour
    • - Ocean City is less than an hour away
  4. A point in time
    • - I wondered if my last hour had come
  5. A time of day or night
    • - you can't turn him away at this hour
  6. A time of day specified as an exact number of hours from midnight or midday
    • - the clock in the sitting room struck the hour
  7. A time so specified on the 24-hour clock
    • - the first bomb fell at 0051 hours
  8. The time as formerly reckoned from sunrise
    • - it was about the ninth hour
  9. The appropriate time for some specific action
    • - now that the hour had come, David decided he could not face it
  10. A period set aside for some purpose or marked by some activity
    • - leisure hours
  11. A fixed period of time for an activity, such as work, use of a building, etc
    • - shortened working hours
  12. (in the Western Church) A short service of psalms and prayers to be said at a particular time of day, esp. in religious communities

  13. 15° of longitude or right ascension (one twenty-fourth part of a circle)

  1. a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day; "the job will take more than an hour"
  2. clock time; "the hour is getting late"
  3. a special and memorable period; "it was their finest hour"
  4. distance measured by the time taken to cover it; "we live an hour from the airport"; "its just 10 minutes away"
  5. (hours) a period of time assigned for work; "they work long hours"
  6. The hour (common symbol: h or hr; also known as a stound) is a unit of time. It is not an SI unit but is accepted for use with the SI with the symbol h.
  7. Hour is an English-language urban news magazine published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by Communications Voir. Its president-publisher is Pierre Paquet, the editor-in-chief is Jamie O'Meara. It caters to Montreal's anglophone community and is published every Thursday. ...
  8. George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight is an award-winning Canadian television talk show broadcast on CBC Television. Originally known as as The Hour from 2005 to 2010, it first aired on January 17, 2005. The program is currently initially broadcast on CBC Television at 11:05 p.m. local time (11:35 p. ...
  9. The Hour is a daily newspaper published in . It serves the municipalities of Norwalk, Wilton, Westport, Weston and Stamford. The newspaper was founded in 1871. It was published under the title The Evening Hour from 1895 into the 1900s, at which point it was renamed The Norwalk Hour. ...
  10. The Hour is a Scottish topical magazine show, which began broadcasting in Northern and Central Scotland on STV on Tuesday, 26 May 2009 at 17:00. ...
  11. (Hours...) 'Hours...' is a 1999 album by British musician David Bowie. It was released on Virgin Records. This was Bowie's final album for the EMI sub-label.
  12. A time period of sixty minutes; one twenty-fourth of a day; A season, moment, time or stound; The time
  13. (Hours) In Orthodox monasteries, monks maintain special services for the main hours of the day. Each hour commemorates a special event, as follows:
  14. (Hours) Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  15. (Hours) 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday
  16. (127 Hours) (directed by Danny Boyle) (March 1, 2011)
  17. (1000 Hours) Track 15 on 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and is also on the 1000 Hours EP which is track 1.
  18. (36 Hours) ISN show hosted by Cynthia Torqueman which spends 36 hours on location investigating a subject. One such show dealing with Babylon 5 aired September 16th, 2259, sponsored by Interplanetary Expeditions. (214)
  19. (4 hours) of interactive instructor-led program
  20. (48 Hours) Col. Russell Williams: Killer in command? 8 of 9
  21. (HOURS) 7:30-5:30pm (PST) Monday-Friday; closed weekends and major holidays.
  22. (HOURS) The short services that are read four times in a day, each commemorating a particular theme. The 3rd and 6th Hours immediately precede the Divine Liturgy. The 1st hour is read following Matins.
  23. (Hours) 9 am to 5 pm Weekdays
  24. (Hours) All undergraduate degree programs require your son/daughter to complete at least 120 degree hours. Some degree programs are more than 120 degree hours. Regardless, your son/daughter is required to complete EVERY course that is on their curriculum model in order to graduate.
  25. (Hours) By appointment Monday-Friday during regular work hours.