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hometowns, plural;
  1. The town where one was born or grew up, or the town of one's present fixed residence

  1. the town (or city) where you grew up or where you have your principal residence; "he never went back to his hometown again"
  2. Hometown is a live album by The Dubliners recorded and released in 1972. Its release was short-lived because "Raglan Road" was split across both sides of the original LP. Recorded at the National Stadium in Dublin, it featured the original members. ...
  3. Hometown is the third studio album from Ten Second Epic. It was released January 27, 2009 on Black Box Recordings. It was made available for full streaming on their MySpace page on January 23 . The first single, "Life Times", was released on November 10, 2008 on YouTube and later on television. ...
  4. Hometown was an hour-long dramedy series than ran on CBS for 9 episodes, premiering on a head-start to the 1985-86 fall season on August 22, 1985, and running until October 15, 1985. ...
  5. Hometowns is the debut album by Canadian indie rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage. Originally released independently in early 2008, the album gained international exposure when the band was selected as eMusic's featured artist of the month for November 2008. ...
  6. An individual’s place of birth, childhood home, or place of main residence
  7. Milwaukee...more specifically Bayview
  8. ask hank he has a yellow poncho
  9. Sesto San Giovannni (Milano)
  10. His sisters room (revising) UK
  11. Out side of Portland Oregon
  12. Las Vegas, NV / NW INDIANA
  13. Influences from the past
  14. Belen The Hub City 505
  15. Orange County, CA USA