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historians, plural;
  1. An expert in or student of history, esp. that of a particular period, geographical region, or social phenomenon
    • - a military historian

  1. a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it
  2. "Historian" is a term used by medical professionals (particularly doctors and nurses) to describe a narrator of a medical history.
  3. The Historian is the 2005 debut novel of American author Elizabeth Kostova. The plot blends the history and folklore of Vlad Ţepeş and his fictional equivalent Count Dracula. ...
  4. The Historian is a history journal published quarterly by Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta. The journal was established in 1938. The Historian publishes original articles and book reviews in all areas of historical scholarship.
  5. (Historians) This is a list of historians.
  6. A writer of history; a chronicler; an annalist; One versed or well informed in history
  7. (Historians) Research, analyze, record, and interpret the past as recorded in sources, such as government and institutional records, newspapers and other periodicals, photographs, interviews, films, and unpublished manuscripts, such as personal diaries and letters. ...
  8. A member who prepares a narrative account of an organization's activities.
  9. The officer responsible for collecting and creating histories of the group.
  10. Recording the history of the group, from the local to the Society level.
  11. keeps records of the court
  12. Those who record events.
  13. A person who studies the past.