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hillsides, plural;
  1. The sloping side of a hill

  1. the side or slope of a hill
  2. Hillside, also known as Little Elmington, is a 1-1/2 story brick house near Charles Town, West Virginia dating to circa 1798-1800. The house possesses a striking two-story gallery supported by five large round columns. The property includes a rubblestone barn and spring house. ...
  3. Hillside, earlier Rockaway Junction, was a junction and station on the Long Island Rail Road's Main Line and Montauk Branch in Hillside, Queens, New York City, United States. ...
  4. Hillside is a township in Union County, New Jersey, United States. As of the United States 2000 Census, the township population was 21,747.
  5. Hillside is an historic site at 230 Summer Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  6. Hillside (also known as Fifteen) is a Canadian-American teen drama that aired on YTV in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States from 1991 to 1993. Created and produced by John T. Binkley, the series was Nickelodeon's first and only teenage soap opera.
  7. The Hillside Historic District in Waterbury, Connecticut is a historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1987.
  8. WASHERS – A washer having non-parallel faces, normally used to secure brace rods or cables to the structure.
  9. Neighborhood in Vallejo. Home of E40 and the Click.
  10. also known as the Adam-Derby House (1878) – Oyster Bay, New York, for Sarah Sampson Adam. The partnership's only documented house on the Long Island Gold Coast is also in the Queen Anne style.^[10]