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hikes, plural;
  1. Walk for a long distance, esp. across country or in the woods
    • - we planned to hike another mile up a steep trail
    • - she enjoys hiking and climbing in her spare time
  2. Pull or lift up (something, esp. clothing)
    • - he hiked up his sweatpants and marched to the door
  3. Increase (something, esp. a price) sharply
    • - some of the local merchants hiked the price of goods
  4. Snap (a football)

  1. A long walk, esp. in the country or wilderness

  2. A long distance

  3. A sharp increase, esp. in price
    • - fears of a hike in interest rates
  4. A snap
    • - he takes the hike, drops back, and fakes to his right

  1. a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure; "she enjoys a hike in her spare time"
  2. increase; "The landlord hiked up the rents"
  3. rise: an increase in cost; "they asked for a 10% rise in rates"
  4. walk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise; "We were hiking in Colorado"; "hike the Rockies"
  5. raise: the amount a salary is increased; "he got a 3% raise"; "he got a wage hike"
  6. A snap (colloquially called a "hike", "snapback", or "pass from center") starts each American football and Canadian football play from scrimmage.
  7. Mushing is a general term for a sport or transport method powered by dogs, and includes carting, pulka, scootering, sled dog racing, skijoring, freighting, and weight pulling. More specifically, it implies the use of one or more dogs to pull a sled on snow. ...
  8. Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails. It is such a popular activity that there are numerous worldwide. The health benefits of different types of hiking have been confirmed in studies. ...
  9. (Hiking (sailing)) In sailing, hiking is the action of moving the crew's body weight as far to windward (upwind) as possible, in order to decrease the extent the boat heels (leans away from the wind). ...
  10. A long walk; An abrupt increase; The snap of the ball to start a play; A command to a dog sled team, given by a musher; To walk along a hiking trail, especially a nature/scenic long walk, usually without overnight camping gear; To unfairly or suddenly raise a price; To snap the ball to start a ...
  11. (hiking) walking in the countryside for pleasure or sport
  12. (hiking) Moving the crew's weight to or past the windward rail to counteract the heeling of a boat. Typically seen when boats are racing.
  13. (HIKING) There is fabulous hiking in the area. Many different farms have set out trails. Trails vary in length and difficulty
  14. (Hiking) Like walking, but to a place where one gets away from it all. Performed wearing hiking boots, a type of shoe that was once incredibly clunky but has become more and more like a sneaker.
  15. (Hiking) Natural or hard surfaced trails or pathways of varying widths that provide a variety of hiking challenges.
  16. (Hiking) The position adopted by the crew members when leaning out over the side of the dinghy, with toes hooked under the toe straps to the degree needed to counterbalance the heeling attitude of the dinghy.
  17. (Hiking) There are than 850 miles of hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Appalachian Trail runs for 70 miles along the Tennessee/North Carolina border. Pets are not allowed on any trails except for the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. ...
  18. (Hiking) walking through a natural environment
  19. To lean out on the windward side of a sailboat to achieve optimal speed by offsetting heeling.
  20. To lean over the side of a boat to help counterbalance heeling.
  21. A leisurely walk lasting one day or less.
  22. v. To send a climb in excellent style. Usage: "I was falling all over that climb then I took a rest and hiked it."
  23. The personification of supernatural powers attributed to the gods and the eldest son of Atum. Doctors, who invoked his magical powers when practicing their arts, called themselves 'priests of Hike.'
  24. the command to get the dog team moving.
  25. A long, destinationless walk down rattlesnake-infested paths, usually undertaken by groups of campers, the object of which is to determine the number of times the lead camper can snap suspended branches and twigs into the face of the camper hiking directly behind him.