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highways, plural;
  1. A main road, esp. one connecting major towns or cities
    • - a six-lane highway
    • - the highway to success
  2. (chiefly in official use) A public road

  3. A pathway connecting parts of one computer system or between different systems

  1. a major road for any form of motor transport
  2. A highway is a public road, especially a major road connecting two or more destinations. Any interconnected set of highways can be variously referred to as a "highway system", a "highway network", or a "highway transportation system". Each country has its own national highway system. ...
  3. Highway is a 1995 Malayalam action thriller film directed by Jayaraaj, written by Sab John, story by Jayaraaj and produced by Prem Prakash.
  4. Highway is the fourth studio album by English rock band Free. It was recorded extremely quickly in September 1970 following the band's success at the Isle of Wight Festival but with an attitude of relaxation, having achieved worldwide success with their previous album Fire and Water and the ...
  5. Highway: 30 Years Of America is the third principal major label compilation album by American folk rock duo America, released by Rhino Records in 2000 (see 2000 in music). The collection represented the first boxed set release of America's material. ...
  6. Sherbet (a.k.a. The Sherbs and Highway) was one of the most prominent and successful Australian rock bands of the 1970s. Their biggest singles were "Summer Love" (1975) and "Howzat" (1976), both reaching number one in Australia. "Howzat" was also a top 5 hit in the UK. ...
  7. Highway is a Dutch soft drink brand which is sold as a cheap store brand by supermarkets chains in the Netherlands like Laurus and Sligro Food Group.
  8. A main, direct public road, especially a multi-lane, high speed thoroughfare connecting major population centers; Any public road for vehicular traffic
  9. (Highways) Construction, maintenance, and operation of highways, streets, and related structures, including toll highways, bridges, tunnels, ferries, street lighting and snow and ice removal. However, highway policing and traffic control are classed under Police protection.
  10. (Highways) The Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte Officially known as DR-1 passes by the city center and connects the city directly to Santo Domingo. Other minor highways connect the city to Puerto Plata, Samana, and the northwestern region of the country. ...
  11. (Highways) This entry includes the total length of the highway system as well as the length of the paved and unpaved components.
  12. (Highways) Tunica Municipal Airport (IATA: UTA, ICAO: KUTA) is a public airport serving the town of Tunica, Mississippi, serving Tunica County and the surrounding region. ... ...
  13. A freeway or expressway which provides limited access for inter-regional or interstate travel or a major arterial which has been designated as part of the state highway system.
  14. a broad roadway linking towns and cities
  15. A general term for denoting a public way for purposes of travel by vehicular and/or pedestrian travel, including the entire area within the right-of-way.
  16. a main road, especially between towns or cities
  17. A large groove in the flat bottom or up a halfpipe wall.
  18. an interactive computer code that is used to calculate routes in accordance with HRCQ regulations (49 CFR 397.101) for spent-fuel shipment in the United States. (ORNL/TM-12124. HIGHWAY 3.1-An Enhanced Highway Routing Model: Program Description, Methodology, and Revised User's Manual. 1993.)
  19. A major road. Similar to the American usage of "freeway."
  20. Any public road outside the cities with a foundation and a hard surface. Originally, the highway was a way higher than the ground, e.g., as opposed to stage coach tracks. ...
  21. includes all public roads, footpaths, bridleways and byways.
  22. The entire width between the boundary line of every way or parkway publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
  23. technically, a highway is any public roadway.  Typically, the term highway is generally used to refer to a major roadway, usually maintained by the state.  In San Antonio and other places, the term highway is often used colloquially to refer to a freeway.
  24. is lower level with limited access control, some at-grade junctions or roundabouts, and generally with 2 lanes in each separated direction. These are generally untolled and funded by the federal government, hence the first one is called Federal Highway linking Klang and Kuala Lumpur.
  25. Means a road declared by proclamation to be a highway for the purposes of the Main Roads Act 1930, and includes any part thereof.