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Herbaceous vegetation,
  1. Herbaceous vegetation

  2. The succulent part of this vegetation, used as pasture

  3. The right of pasture on another person's land

  1. succulent herbaceous vegetation of pasture land
  2. Herbs collectively; Herbaceous plant growth, especially grass; The fleshy, often edible, parts of plants; The natural pasture of a land, considered as distinct from the land itself; hence, right of pasture (on another man's land)
  3. The above-ground, non-woody parts of a plant, including especially the leaves and young stems taken together, excluding flowers and fruits.
  4. all species of browse, forbs, and grasses produced in any one area.
  5. Above ground biomass of herbaceous plants.
  6. That which beasts feed on or anciently payment for putting animals to graze in the Forest.
  7. means the succulent parts of herbaceous plants. (Webster)