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helmets, plural;
  1. A hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes, and others

  2. The arched upper part (galea) of the corolla in some flowers, esp. those of the mint and orchid families

  3. A predatory mollusk with a squat heavy shell, living in tropical and temperate seas and preying chiefly on sea urchins

  1. armor plate that protects the head
  2. a protective headgear made of hard material to resist blows
  3. (helmeted) equipped with or wearing a helmet
  4. A helmet is a form of protective gear worn on the head to protect it from injuries, a variation of the hat. Ceremonial or symbolic helmets (e.g., English policeman's helmet) without protective function are sometimes used. ...
  5. Helmet is an alternative metal band from New York formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist/guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet has had numerous lineup changes, and Hamilton has been the only constant member.
  6. In the sport of cricket, batsmen often wear a helmet to protect themselves from injury by the cricket ball, which is very hard and can be bowled to them at speeds over ninety miles per hour.
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  8. In heraldic achievements, the helmet or helm is situated above the shield and bears the torse and crest. The style of helmet displayed varies according to rank and social status, and these styles developed over time, in step with the development of actual military helmets. Fox-Davies (1909), p. ...
  9. A hockey helmet is worn by ice hockey players and inline hockey players to protect the head from potential injury.
  10. (Helmets) All crew members must wear helmets with full facemasks that conform to required safety standards and must be available for purchase in sports shops specializing in such gear. No additional aerodynamic alterations are permitted to the helmet.
  11. (Helmets) The helmet's purpose is to protect against bumps or abrasions in the airplane or while landing, and can also keep the jumper warm during the jump. It also keeps the wind out during the jump and makes the ride quieter and avoids putting pressure on the ears.
  12. (Helmets) provide mandatory head protection, as falls can occur over rough, rocky, sandy, or mountainous terrain. Helmets include full-faced helmets or regular streamline.
  13. (helmets) rare form of headdress, perhaps an apparel of defense.
  14. As Helmets are a safety item the condition of purchase is that we cannot accept their return unless the helmet is returned unworn in it’s original box with the visor label and all tags still intact. ...
  15. The helmet is borne above the shield and beneath the crest. Like the coronet, it denotes the rank of the wearer. ...
  16. The basic defense for the head. See the following:
  17. To dream of seeing a helmet, denotes threatened misery and loss will be avoided by wise action.
  18. Head protection, essential for safety.
  19. means a rigid respiratory inlet covering that also provides head protection against impact and penetration.
  20. Also known as a brain bucket or skid lid. It can save your life, but only while worn.
  21. A fitted cap-like covering for the head (with a built in chin strap) used by pilots to protect their heads when flying in open cockpit aircraft . For cold weather, usually made of leather, some with fleece lining. For warmer weather, made of cloth.
  22. n. Protection for the head from falling gear or rocks.
  23. Diminutive of helm, than which it was lighter, and origianlly a vizorless defence. The helm was often worn over it.
  24. Slang for 'space helmet', it is an air-tight helmet that locks into a set of rings in a pressure suit. Usually solid except for the faceplate, the helmet provides shielding against impact and radiation. ...
  25. Hat made of leather or iron worn by a soldier to protect his head.