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hearings, plural;
  1. The faculty of perceiving sounds
    • - people who have very acute hearing
  2. The range within which sounds may be heard; earshot
    • - she had moved out of hearing
  3. An opportunity to state one's case
    • - I think I had a fair hearing
  4. An act of listening to evidence in a court of law or before an official, esp. a trial before a judge without a jury

  1. (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence
  2. hearing(a): able to perceive sound
  3. an opportunity to state your case and be heard; "they condemned him without a hearing"; "he saw that he had lost his audience"
  4. earshot: the range within which a voice can be heard; "the children were told to stay within earshot"
  5. listening: the act of hearing attentively; "you can learn a lot by just listening"; "they make good music--you should give them a hearing"
  6. a session (of a committee or grand jury) in which witnesses are called and testimony is taken; "the investigative committee will hold hearings in Chicago"
  7. The auditory system is the sensory system for the sense of hearing.
  8. In law, a hearing is a proceeding before a court or other decision-making body or officer, such as a government agency.
  9. The term hearing or hearing person, from the perspective of mainstream English-language culture, refers to someone whose sense of hearing is at the medical norm. From this point of view, someone who is not fully hearing has a hearing impairment or is said to be hard of hearing or deaf. ...
  10. The following is a complete list of episodes for the 1980s television series Dynasty, in broadcast order.
  11. (HEAR) El Arish International Airport (مطار العريش الدولي) is an airport near El Arish, Egypt.
  12. (Hear!) Hear! is an album by Trixter released in 1992, reaching #109 on the Billboard 200.
  13. (hearingly) In such a manner as to hear
  14. (hear) To have the faculty of being able to perceive sounds, through the ear. [from 10th c.]; To perceive (a sound, or something producing a sound) with the ear, to recognize (something) in an auditory way. [from 10th c.]; To excercise this faculty intentionally; to listen to. [from 10th c. ...
  15. (Hearings) Legal proceedings in which a workers’ compensation judge discusses the issues in a case or receives information in order to make a decision about a dispute or a proposed settlement.
  16. (Hearings) Formal proceedings held at the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) before a Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge.
  17. (Hearings) Committee sessions for hearing witnesses. At hearings on legislation, witnesses usually include specialists, government officials and spokespersons for groups affected by the bills under study. Hearings related to special reluctant witnesses. ...
  18. (Hearings) Kefauver Committee (1950–1951)  · Valachi hearings (1963)
  19. (HEAR) High Erucic Acid Rape
  20. (HEAR) Higher Education Admission Requirements;
  21. (Hear) is to listen with the ears: Am I speaking loud enough for you to hear me?
  22. (hear) (v) eşitirgе, tıŋılarģa
  23. heard. "I heared they were going to have a square dance down to the armory."
  24. The name for a variety of court proceedings on a variety of issues.  The term includes motions and trials, which are the two most common forms of hearings.
  25. A formal court proceeding with the judge and opposing sides present, but no jury.