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headlights, plural;
  1. A powerful light at the front of a motor vehicle or railroad engine

  1. (headlight) a powerful light with reflector; attached to the front of an automobile or locomotive
  2. A headlamp is a lamp, usually attached to the front of a vehicle such as a car, with the purpose of illuminating the road ahead during periods of low visibility, such as darkness or precipitation. ...
  3. Headlights is an American indie rock band from Champaign, Illinois on Polyvinyl Records. The band was formed following the dissolution of Absinthe Blind, when members Erin Fein, Seth Fein and Brett Sanderson formed a band named Orphans. ...
  4. Headlights is a slang comic book term used in the comics trade for "protruding breasts". According to Fredric Wertham, whose book Seduction of the Innocent (1954) led to a U.S. ...
  5. (Headlight (Cars)) If I were to plug my head into the socket, would I have a headlight?
  6. (Headlight) Covering for portholes made of metal or wood and used in severe weather.
  7. (Headlight) The main light on the front of a vehicle. In Britain, headlamp refers to the actual unit, whereas headlight is used for the unit as well as for its function and where emphasis is on the actual light produced by the lamp. In North America the terms are interchangeable. ...
  8. would indicate the eyes as they allow you to see. However, they also indicate an intuitive ability as they allow you to see in the dark. So while others can’t really figure out what is going on, your intuition kicks in and you appear to get direction out of nowhere.
  9. Forward illumination devices installed on all automobiles and many other vehicles...OK, OK, it's a euphemism for a comic book cover prominently featuring a woman's breasts in a provocative way. ...
  10. Imaginary headlights that shine out from the front of your pelvic bones. Visualizing these headlights will help you to tuck and arch your pelvis until you achieve a neutral pelvis position with your headlights shining level straight in front of you.
  11. A self-explanatory description of the depiction of busty women in comic-book drawings.
  12. (2h)[O^], PO > front, open to (2h)[5^] as if turning on headlights.
  13. Eggs. (One sunny side up egg resembled the head light of a train. Two sunny side up eggs resemble head lights of an automobile when illuminated.)
  14. Das Dipperenderdazzlubastad
  15. Main driving lights on the front of the vehicle.