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headings, plural;
  1. A title at the head of a page or section of a book
    • - chapter headings
  2. A division or section of a subject; a class or category
    • - this topic falls under four main headings
  3. A direction or bearing
    • - he crawled on a heading of 90 degrees until he came to the track
  4. A horizontal passage made in preparation for building a tunnel

  5. A strip of cloth at the top of a curtain above the hooks or wire that suspend the curtain

  1. a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about; "the heading seemed to have little to do with the text"
  2. bearing: the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies
  3. drift: a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine; "they dug a drift parallel with the vein"
  4. (headed) having a heading or course in a certain direction; "westward headed wagons"
  5. Heading is a metalworking process which incorporates the extruding and upsetting process. It is often performed in the cold state, resulting in cold working.
  6. The title or topic of a document, article, chapter etc; The direction into which a seagoing or airborne vessel's bow is pointing (apparent heading) and/or the direction into which it is actually moving relative to the ground (true heading)
  7. (Headings (heading tags)) These are important for on-page SEO and good Web design. Heading tags are constructed in HTML using a H1 to H6 tag. Styling can be modified using CSS.
  8. (9. HEADINGS) Headings are for reference purposes only and shall not be incorporated into the terms and shall not be deemed to be any indication of the meaning of the clauses to which they relate.
  9. (10. Headings) Headings are included in this Agreement for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.
  10. (Headings) Concisely explains the content that it introduces.
  11. (Headings) Everything that goes around the page and is not part of the text body. Typically the title, footer etc.
  12. (Headings) Heading elements go from H1 to H6 to display titles or subtitle, where the H1 being the most important.
  13. (Headings) Same as a headline, but even more powerful. In web copywriting, killer headings not only grab your readers’ attention, but also help search engines determine when your pages are relevant to specific keyphrases. Back to Top
  14. (Headings) The extra fabric above the casing (the tunnel of fabric where you insert curtain rods) or the pleater tape. If making a curtain, the heading will form a little ruffle.
  15. (Headings) The head of line is made "#".
  16. (Headings) are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation. The following rules of interpretation apply unless the context requires otherwise.
  17. (Headings) the words, in some specific language, assigned to a node.  As the same node can exist in multiple languages, it can have multiple headings.
  18. Headings are like titles within titles.  Example: <h1>Your Heading Here</h>
  19. Master headings begin each scene with camera location (INT. or EXT.) scene location and time of day. Secondary headings are shots within a scene.
  20. The headings in these General Terms are included for convenience only and shall neither affect the construction or interpretation of any provision in these General Terms nor affect any of the rights or obligations of the parties to any sales contract of which these General Terms are made a part.
  21. The headings used in connection with the paragraphs and subparagraphs of this Agreement are inserted only for purposes of reference. ...
  22. searches subclass headings (e.g. a search for egg finds this term used in the headings of 4 classes).
  23. (Headed) When a horse has the lead, then another rival briefly gains a short advantage. Generally this term is used when the horse in question retakes the lead at another point in the race.
  24. The direction in which a vehicle is moving. For air and sea operations, this may differ from actual Course Over Ground (COG) due to winds, currents, etc.
  25. A paragraph style that is displayed in a typeface larger than normal text. The size of a heading is related to its level: Heading 1 is the largest, Heading 2, the next largest, and so on. Use headings to provide names or titles for text paragraphs or entire pages.