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  1. seaport: a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo
  2. harbor: secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals)
  3. harbor: a place of refuge and comfort and security
  4. harbor: keep in one's possession; of animals
  5. harbor: hold back a thought or feeling about; "She is harboring a grudge against him"
  6. harbor: maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings); "bear a grudge"; "entertain interesting notions"; "harbor a resentment"
  7. A harbor or harbour (see spelling differences), or haven, is a place where ships, boats, and barges can seek shelter from stormy weather, or else are stored for future use. Harbors can be natural or artificial. ...
  8. Harbour is a modern computer programming language. It is a Clipper-compatible compiler which is cross-platform, running on many operating systems (DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux (32, 64), Unix (32, 64), BSD, Mac OS X, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Symbian, IPhone, Android OS, QNX, VxWorks, Ecomstation, ...
  9. *Due to the split after MGR's death, C.P. Pattabira-man, was part of ADK (Jayalilithaa), and Thuraimugam Khaja Mohideen was part of the other splinter group ADK (Janaki).
  10. Dublin Harbour, a division of Dublin, was a UK parliamentary constituency in Ireland. It returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the British House of Commons 1885–1922.
  11. Shelter, refuge; A place of shelter or refuge; A house of the zodiac; A sheltered area for ships; a piece of water adjacent to land in which ships may stop to load and unload; To provide shelter or refuge for
  12. (Harbours) Christchurch •Poole • Portland
  13. Place of shelter for vessels. Most of the time used as an indication for the geographical location.
  14. bush location where field troops rest and protect themselves; see triangle
  15. a coastal place of shelter for ships, which may or may not have ancillary facilities and cargo handling.
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