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hams, plural;
  1. Overact
    • - he was hamming it up, doing all the voices and the effects
  1. An excessively theatrical actor
    • - nobody gets to emote more than a ham on the witness stand
  2. Excessively theatrical acting

  3. An amateur radio operator

  1. meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
  2. overact: exaggerate one's acting
  3. (Old Testament) son of Noah
  4. a licensed amateur radio operator
  5. an unskilled actor who overacts
  6. (hamming) poor acting by a ham actor
  7. Ham is the thigh and rump of pork from the haunch of a boar. Although it may be cooked and served raw, most ham is cured in some fashion. Cuts referred to as ham in the U.S. are also called gammon in the U.K., South Africa, Isle of Man, and Ireland.
  8. In Vajrayana Buddhism, Ācala (alternatively, Achala or Acalanatha (अचलनाथ) in Sanskrit) is the best known of the Five Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm. He is also known as Ācalanātha, Āryācalanātha, Ācala-vidyā-rāja and . ...
  9. HAM (short for 'Happy, Angry, Mad') is an Icelandic rock band which was active in the years 1988 to 1994. The band reunited for a Rammstein concert in 2001 and last appeared in concert December 2009. ...
  10. Ham is a small village to the south of Cergy. The village used to be part of the Sergentery and then commune of Neuville-sur-Oise but has since been amalgamated in the commune of Cergy.
  11. Ham (July 1956 – January 19, 1983), also known as Ham the Chimp and Ham the Astrochimp, was the first hominid launched into outer space. ...
  12. E-mail spam, also known as junk e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE), is a subset of spam that involves nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e-mail. Definitions of spam usually include the aspects that e-mail is unsolicited and sent in bulk. ...
  13. The region back of the knee joint; the popliteal space; the hock; The thigh and buttock of any animal slaughtered for meat; The thigh of a hog cured for food; The back of the thigh; An actor with an especially showy or exaggerated style; A person whose hobby is ham radio; To overact; to act ...
  14. (Hamming) Redundant bits added to stored or transmitted data for the purposes of error detection and correction.
  15. (Hams) This in reference to your hamstrings which are the muscles at the back of your thighs.
  16. (Hams) and other meat products including sausages (see sausages of germany). It has been well said that ‘Meat is the cornerstone of German cooking, and the Braten, or roast, is the country's national dish. ...
  17. (Hams) or hamstrings (ham – strings) Refers to one of the three posterior thigh muscles, or to the tendons that make up the borders of the space behind the knee.
  18. To dream of seeing hams, signifies you are in danger of being treacherously used. To cut large slices of ham, denotes that all opposition will be successfully met by you. To dress a ham, signifies you will be leniently treated by others. To dream of dealing in hams, prosperity will come to you. ...
  19. All email that a recipient does not consider to be spam. (See also spam.)
  20. Any non-spam email message (i.e. an email message that a recipient wishes to receive).
  21. The hind leg of a hog. The taste of ham is affected by the age and breed of the hog, as well as by the food that the hog was fed. The unprocessed meat is called "fresh ham," but most ham is cured.
  22. a person who uses amateur radio. The origin of the nickname is obscure
  23. Hour Ahead Market: wholesale power pricing provided in 1-hour blocks; effectively the same thing as Real Time Pricing (RTP)
  24. Warm, hot, and hence the south; also an Egyptian word meaning "black", the youngest son of Noah (Gen 5:32; compare Gen 9:22, Gen 9:24). The curse pronounced by Noah against Ham, properly against Canaan his fourth son, was accomplished when the Jews subsequently exterminated the Canaanites. ...
  25. ham (Hebrew) Ḥām [from ḥām hot, warm, heat, warmth] In the Bible, one of the three sons of Noah, from whom a great majority of the southern nations were supposed to trace their descent (Genesis 10). ...