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Suitable or good enough to live in,
  1. Suitable or good enough to live in

  1. fit for habitation; "the habitable world"
  2. (habitableness) habitability: suitability for living in or on
  3. Habitability is the conformance of a residence or abode to the implied warranty of habitability. A residence that complies is said to be "habitable". It is an implied warranty or contract, meaning it does not have to be an express contract, covenant, or provision of a contract. ...
  4. safe and comfortable, where humans, or other animals, can live; fit for habitation
  5. (Habitability) Fitness for occupancy. The requirement that rented premises, such as a house or apartment, be reasonably fit to occupy.
  6. (Habitability) This describes the condition of a rented apartment or house. In Vermont landlords must make sure that the premises they rent out are safe, clean, fit for human habitation and conform to health codes.
  7. Being fit to live in. The residential landlord has an obligation to keep the leased premises in a habitable condition.
  8. Suitable for occupancy. Local building codes ensure that structures are habitable through requirements for building permits and certificates of occupancy.
  9. A description of a dwelling or property that is appropriate for human occupancy.
  10. Housing that is fit to live in. Any rental property should be deemed habitable.
  11. A rental unit that is fit for human beings to live in. A rental unit that substantially complies with building and safety code standards that materially affect tenants' health and safety is said to be "habitable."
  12. adj. referring to a residence that is safe and can be occupied in reasonable comfort. Although standards vary by region, the premises should be closed in against the weather, provide running water, access to decent toilets and bathing facilities, heating, and electricity. ...