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guns, plural;
  1. Shoot someone with a gun
    • - they were gunned down by masked snipers
  2. Cause (an engine) to race
    • - as Neil gunned the engine, the boat jumped forward
  3. Accelerate (a vehicle)
    • - he gunned the car away from the curb
  1. A weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise

  2. A device for discharging something (e.g., insecticide, grease, or electrons) in a required direction

  3. A gunman
    • - a hired gun
  4. Used as a nickname for a ship's gunnery officer

  5. A starting pistol used in track and field events

  6. The firing of a piece of artillery as a salute or signal
    • - the boom of the one o'clock gun echoed across the river

  1. a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
  2. shoot with a gun
  3. artillery: large but transportable armament
  4. gunman: a person who shoots a gun (as regards their ability)
  5. gunman: a professional killer who uses a gun
  6. grease-gun: a hand-operated pump that resembles a revolver; forces grease into parts of a machine
  7. In military parlance, a gun is a muzzle or breech-loaded projectile-firing weapon. There are various definitions depending on the nation and branch of service. ...
  8. Gün is a Turkish name and may refer to: * Güneli Gün, Turkish translator * Gün Temür Khan (1384–1402), Mongol Khagan of the Northern Yuan Dynasty
  9. Gun are a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, most recognized for their cover of "Word Up!", originally performed by Cameo.
  10. In a cellular automaton, a gun is a pattern of which the main part repeats periodically, like an oscillator, and which also periodically emits spaceships. There are then two periods that may be considered. ...
  11. Gun was the father of Yu the Great, the founder of the Xia Dynasty. He was appointed by Yao to control the flooding rivers. He used dikes to stop the rivers from flooding, but they eventually collapsed after nine years and killed many people. ...
  12. "Gun" is a 1993 single by Gigolo Aunts. The single appears on the 1993 album, Flippin' Out.
  13. A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity. ...
  14. (Guns) 16 (2 in Featherweight configuration) 20 mm M24 cannon
  15. (Guns) 1x 20 mm M61 Vulcan internal gatling gun with 578 rounds
  16. (Guns) Another word for Biceps, alone for with triceps. Other slang words include Pipes, Pythons...
  17. (Guns) In early 2001 Billie Joe was mugged at gunpoint and is now terrified of guns.
  18. (Guns) National Organizations - Local MO & IL Organizations - Other Gun Resources
  19. (Guns) None on prototype. Apparent provision for a cannon (most likely GSh-301). Possible two 30 mm cannons.^[26]
  20. (Guns) Noun: The root of all evil, when in the hands of the law-abiding citizen.  Exceptions: Police, Sixties terrorists.   See Criminal, NRA.
  21. (Guns) The most Politically Incorrect devices in the whole world.  They have a mind and an evil spirit of their own.  Guns kill people, all by themselves. ...
  22. (Guns) Those who do the shooting.
  23. (Guns) are deadly weapons that fire bullets and in some cases, energy blasts. Guns appear many times through out the Dragon Ball series, most commonly by the people of Earth. Apparently, guns have no effect against someone with a high enough power level.
  24. (Guns) short for gun ships.
  25. Dreaming about guns and interpreting these dreams depends greatly on your attitude about guns. There are many people who are comfortable with the life-and-death power of guns and use them recreationally. ...