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guidelines, plural;
  1. A general rule, principle, or piece of advice

  1. (guideline) a light line that is used in lettering to help align the letters
  2. (guideline) road map: a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action; "the president said he had a road map for normalizing relations with Vietnam"
  3. (guideline) guidepost: a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior
  4. A guideline is any document that aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine. By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory (protocol would be a better term for a mandatory procedure). Guidelines are an essential part of the larger process of governance.
  5. (Guideline (medical)) A medical guideline (also called a clinical guideline, clinical protocol or clinical practice guideline) is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare. ...
  6. (Guideline) guidelines represent recommended actions, general approaches and operational behaviours. Guidelines are not mandatory. They are often used as templates to write procedures. Guidelines support policy and directives by providing a “how to” approach. ...
  7. (Guideline) A systematically developed tool that describes aspects of a patient’s condition and the care to be given. A good guideline makes recommendations about treatment and care, based on the best research available, rather than opinion. ...
  8. (Guideline) A recommended approach, parameter, etc., for conducting an activity or task, utilizing a product, etc.
  9. (guideline) Any suggestion, rule, etc., that guides or directs.
  10. (Guideline (Limited Definition)) A recommended method that may be modified to meet the intent of policies and standards, Eg: deviations don’t have to be documented or approved.
  11. (Guideline) (lignes directrices)–A document providing guidance, advice, or explanation to managers or functional area specialists.
  12. (Guideline) A best practice or recommended approach for DHHS divisions/offices to use when implementing a policy.
  13. (Guideline) A list of recommendations to follow in the absence of an existing standard. (
  14. (Guideline) A recommendation of good practice usually based on research evidence.
  15. (Guideline) A statement suggesting how a given policy or regulation might be implemented.
  16. (Guideline) A written statement or outline of a policy, practice or conduct. Guidelines may propose options to enable a user to satisfy provisions of a code, standard, regulation or recommendation.
  17. (Guideline) Administrative constraints applicalbe in developing a plan and criteria directing the actions taken to achieve objectives.
  18. (Guideline) Approximately the same proportion of the bridge c to the thickness of the material s is applicable as for the hole diameter w (relation bridge c to thickness s approx. 1:1). Depending on the material, the hole diameter w and the pitch t, relations of less than 1 are also possible.
  19. (Guideline) Contain information about how to accomplish some task or reach a specific goal. They are provided as suggestions. They may also contain an element of "best practice." Shortcut, user-friendly versions of procedures, usually presented in a pamphlet, newsletter, or Web site.
  20. (Guideline) Text that provides instructions and advice for performing a task and suggests possible approaches.
  21. (Guideline) The suggested number of months a youth will be confined in a secure facility as established by the Youth Parole Authority based primarily on the youth's history of delinquency.
  22. (Guideline) a policy or rule intended to give practical guidance.
  23. (Guideline) numerical concentration limit or narrative statement recommended to support and maintain a designated water use.
  24. (Guideline) something that is to be preferred, but that does not have the force of a standard.
  25. (guideline) (1) An example of how a policy might be applied to a specific situation (2) An outline or checklist of detailed procedures recommended to satisfy a policy [NASA] (see also policy)