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growled, past participle; growled, past tense; growls, 3rd person singular present; growling, present participle;
  1. (of an animal, esp. a dog) Make a low guttural sound of hostility in the throat
    • - the dogs yapped and growled about his heels
  2. (of a person) Say something in a low grating voice, typically in a threatening manner
    • - “Keep out of this,” he growled
  3. (of a thing) Make a low or harsh rumbling sound, typically one that is felt to be threatening
    • - thunder growls without warning from a summer sky
  1. A low guttural sound made in the throat, esp. by a dog

  2. A similar sound made by a person, esp. to express hostility or anger

  3. A low throaty sound made by a machine or engine
    • - the growl of diesel engines

  1. the sound of growling (as made by animals)
  2. grumble: to utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds; "he grumbled a rude response"; "Stones grumbled down the cliff"
  3. (growling) a gruff or angry utterance (suggestive of the growling of an animal)
  4. Growl is a 2008 album by Radioactive Man. It was his first release in five years as well as the first on his own label, Control Tower.
  5. Growl is a global notification system for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Applications can use Growl to display small notifications about events which the user deems important, in a consistent manner. ...
  6. Woodwind growling is a musical technique where the instrumentalist vocalizes into the instrument to alter quality of the sound. Growling is used primarily in rock and blues style playing; it is popular in the woodwind family of instruments, especially the saxophone. ...
  7. Missouri State University (MSU or Mo State formerly Southwest Missouri State University) is a public university located in Springfield, Missouri and founded in 1905. It is the state's second largest university, with an opening day enrollment of 18,807 for the Fall 2010 semester. ...
  8. Growling or growl is a low, guttural vocalization produced by predatory animals as a warning to others, as a sign of aggression, or to express anger. Low or dull rumbling noises may also be emitted by human beings when discontent with something. The human sound is often termed "groaning".
  9. (Growling (vocal technique)) A death growl, also known as death metal vocals, guttural vocals, death grunts, cookie monster singing, harsh vocals, unclean vocals, among other names, is a vocalisation style usually employed by vocalists of the death metal and black metal music genre, but also ...
  10. (GROWLING) a warning of a coming attack
  11. ("Growling.") The right of an old soldier but tabooed for recruits. It means grumbling.
  12. (Growling) A deep, resonating rumble made by defensive hyenas threatening to bite.
  13. (Growling) This vocalization is often accompanied by hissing and spitting and is exhibited by the cheetah during annoyance, or when faced with danger.
  14. (Growling) produced as strong warnings to potential threats or in anger.
  15. Action, backspin, juice. When you want your ball to stop quickly, you have to put some growl on it.
  16. warning, amusement, or laughter
  17. vibrant notes from a trumpet.
  18. A musical effect in which the player vocalizes through his instrument to emulate a growl
  19. a system extension that lets Mac OS X applications unobtrusively tell you when things happen (more info).
  20. is a deep rumbling noise that happens in someone’s throat, or a sound a scary animal makes. What’s the word?
  21. You'll know a growl when you hear it, and if you're wise, you'll back off. The growl is a warning sound.
  22. When the amp is turned up and the low (wound) strings are picked close to the bridge twang gives way to growl, especially on the bridge pickup.
  23. Ring Around the Roserade (I)
  24. ngirr-ma, mirr-ma, warle-na