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grenades, plural;
  1. A small bomb thrown by hand or launched mechanically

  2. A glass receptacle containing chemicals that are released when the receptacle is thrown and broken, used for testing drains and extinguishing fires

  1. a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile
  2. A hand grenade is an anti-personnel weapon that explodes a short time after release.
  3. The Strangers is the title of a comic book series created and written by Steve Englehart. It was originally drawn by Rick Hoberg, for Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse imprint.
  4. Although each installment of the Final Fantasy series is generally set in a different fictional world with separate storylines, there are some commonalities when it comes to character design. Certain design themes repeat themselves, as well as specific character names and classes. ...
  5. Grenade insignia are symbols featured on the uniforms of numerous military units. The emblem represents a stylized old style of hand grenade, with a rising flame. ...
  6. (Grenades) Fat unattractive female
  7. (Grenades) hand or rifle. Articles which are designed to be thrown by hand or to be projected by rifle. The term includes: grenades, hand or rifle, with bursting charge; and grenades, practice, hand or rifle. The term excludes: grenades, smoke.
  8. Includes the fragmentation and plasma grenades. Players can normally carry up to 4 grenades of each type, totaling 8 possible grenades.
  9. (n.)—"a bigger, ugly chick" who is friends with a hotter chick your friend and/or housemate is "creepin'" on. ( see also, grenade launcher and landmine)
  10. A small explosive or chemical missile, originally to be thrown by hand, but now also to be projected from special grenade launchers, usually fitted to rifles or carbines. Grenades may be classified as either rifle or hand. Many variations of these have been used, including improvisations.
  11. An ugly girl. This comes from the altruistic motives of two lads, who when chatting up two girls will honour a prior agreement in which one of them will 'take the grenade', i.e. cop off with the minging one. ...
  12. A small fused bomb intended to be thrown by hand or otherwise projected. From resemblance to la grenade, French for pomegranate, a thick-skinned fruit with a projecting end.
  13. Explosive hand grenades were used for clearing defenders from buildings or from behind walls.
  14. What a group 7 motor does on a King track at 18 volts. See explode.
  15. Operational code name for the US offensive in the Rhineland - February 1945
  16. The guys use this term for girls they consider less than attractive when "creepin'" at the club. (Also see "Landmine" below.)
  17. ”A bigger, ugly chick,” says The Situation. Example: The club was full of grenades.
  18. a small bomb with a bursting radius of about 30 yards that can be hurled a short distance by hand or rifle. Average man can throw a grenade 30 to 45 yards.
  19. A hollow ball; a kind of bomb filled with powder, and fired by means of a fuse.
  20. A thrown area-effect weapon consisting of an amount of high explosive substances encased in metal fragments with a timed detonator. ...
  21. sunk by air attack off the east pier at Dunkirk on May 29;
  22. Mike The Situation brought this term to the forefront and you should know right off the bat - you do NOT want to be referred to as a grenade. The grenade is the unattractive friend or "wing girl" in a group of otherwise hot prospects. ...
  23. 1. pomegranate; 2. grenade (mil.), which is us. shown enflamed.
  24. a small hand-thrown explosive device used as an anti-personal weapon or to display colored smoke for positional identification
  25. The player can make a lemming throw a grenade which bounces around until it explodes and destroys part of the level.