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gowns, plural;
  1. Be dressed in a gown
    • - she was gowned in luminous silk
  1. A long dress, typically having a close-fitting bodice and a flared or flowing skirt, worn on formal occasions
    • - a silk ball gown
  2. A nightgown

  3. A dressing gown

  4. A protective garment worn in a hospital, either by a staff member during surgery or by a patient

  5. A loose cloak indicating one's profession or status, worn by a lawyer, teacher, academic, or college student

  6. The members of a college as distinct from the permanent residents of the college town
    • - efforts are underway to improve town-gown relations

  1. a woman's dress, usually with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, often worn on formal occasions
  2. dress in a gown
  3. the members of a university as distinguished from the other residents of the town in which the university is located; "the relations between town and gown are always sensitive"
  4. nightgown: lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women
  5. protective garment worn by surgeons during operations
  6. outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions
  7. (gowned) wearing a gown; "beautifully gowned women"
  8. A gown (medieval Latin gunna) is a (usually) loose outer garment from knee- to full-length worn by men and women in Europe from the early Middle Ages to the seventeenth century (and continuing today in certain professions); later, gown was applied to any woman's garment consisting of a bodice ...
  9. The Gown is the independent student newspaper at Queen's University, Belfast, and is the longest running independent student newspaper in the UK. It was formed by Richard Herman, a medical student, in April 1955. In 2005 Dr Herman was able to attend the papers 50th Anniversary. ...
  10. (Gowning) A clean room suit, cleanroom suit, or bunny suit, is an overall garment worn in a clean room. ...
  11. A loose, flowing upper garment; The ordinary outer dress of a woman; as, a calico or silk gown; The official robe of certain professional men and scholars, as university students and officers, barristers, judges, etc. ...
  12. (Gowns) for the bachelor's or master's degrees are untrimmed.
  13. (gowns) nightie with elastic hem or draw string. These make for easy nappy changing. All you have to do is pull the gown up over the belly to change the nappy and then pull it back down when finished. ...
  14. If you dream that you are in your nightgown, you will be afflicted with a slight illness. If you see others thus clad, you will have unpleasant news of absent friends. Business will receive a back set. If a lover sees his sweetheart in her night gown, he will be superseded. See Cloths.
  15. Piece of loose black academic clothing worn as a jacket or waistcoat, often as part of sub-fusc, worn for formal occasions.  Differs for different qualifications; graduates wear “graduate gowns”
  16. (goun):   a sleeveless long coat which would likely feature ornamental, even floor-length sleeves. Gowns could be common among specific to professions (such as academic wear) or worn as part of ceremonial or state dress.
  17. A fine example of evolution at work here in Oxford, complete with useless appendages, these are supposedly the remnants of the robes worn by monks who studied at the earliest colleges of the University. ...
  18. Expensive formal dress worn by female drum major.
  19. A joyful humming sound given off by spider webs during electrical storms.
  20. Every college has its own type of gowns. Must be worn on formal occasions such as the formal hall in some more traditional colleges; everyone has to wear them for matriculation (see below) except at King's, and graduation.
  21. is usually the dazzling masterpiece of the outfit. Most commonly Kurdish women wear a mesh fabric or a sheer fabric which is ornamented skillfully with many beads or sequence or both. The embroidery can be the same colour as the fabric or multicoloured to create a bright dress. ...
  22. refers to the designated Curtin gown for the award being received.
  23. A gown is a formal long dress usually extending to the ankles or the floor.
  24. A long dress or sleepwear item, usually floor or ankle length.
  25. Dress, usually with front closure.