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governments, plural;
  1. The governing body of a nation, state, or community
    • - an agency of the federal government
    • - government controls
  2. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed
    • - a secular, pluralistic, democratic government
  3. The action or manner of controlling or regulating a nation, organization, or people
    • - rules for the government of the infirmary
  4. The group of people in office at a particular time; administration
    • - the election of the new government
  5. All bonds issued by the US Treasury or other federal agencies

  6. The relation between a governed and a governing word

  1. the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit; "the government reduced taxes"; "the matter was referred to higher authorities"
  2. (government) the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed; "tyrannical government"
  3. politics: the study of government of states and other political units
  4. (governmental) relating to or dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state; "governmental policy"; "public confidence and governmental morale"
  5. A government is the organization, or agency through which a political unit exercises its authority, controls and administers public policy, and directs and controls the actions of its members or subjects.
  6. The Government of Ireland (Rialtas na hÉireann) is the cabinet that exercises executive authority in Ireland. The Government is headed by a prime minister called the Taoiseach, and a deputy prime minister called the Tánaiste. ...
  7. In grammar and theoretical linguistics, government refers to the relationship between a word and its dependents. There is a traditional notion of government, and a highly specialized definition used in some generative models of syntax.
  8. Government Street is the name given to U.S. Route 90 and portions of U.S. Route 98 within the city limits of Mobile, Alabama. It is known as Government Street east of Pinehill Drive and as Government Boulevard west of Pinehill Drive. ...
  9. The Royal Thai Government or the Government of Thailand (รัฐบาลไทย) is the unitary government of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand since 1932 has been a constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democratic system. ...
  10. The Government was a new wave, art punk band, primraily active in Toronto during the 1979-1981 period.
  11. The body with the power to make and/or enforce laws to control a country, land area, people or organization; A group of people who hold a monopoly on the legitimate use of force in a given territory; The state and its administration viewed as the ruling political power; The management or ...
  12. (GOVERNMENTAL) In the case of building codes, these are the State or local organizations/agencies responsible for building code enforcement.
  13. (Governmental) European Climate Change Programme · United Kingdom Climate Change Programme · Oil phase-out in Sweden
  14. (Governments) We are committed to supporting eGovernment initiatives around the world, and currently provide online credit card payment processing solutions, to a number of Governments who are encouraging their citizens to pay for services online.
  15. (governments) through the development of larger and more functionally centralized "states," at the expense of local and regional feudal lords, with permanent bureaucratic staffs to handle financial and legal affairs, and increasingly complex legal codes
  16. This category includes the entries dealing with the system for the adoption and administration of public policy.
  17. Differentia: Within a specific geographic location that is dominant in physical force
  18. A system, involving a group of senior ministers, that runs a state and gives effect to its laws (See also Executive)
  19. 1) the action of controlling or regulating a nation; 2) the fundamental system by which a country is ruled
  20. Aboriginal peoples had their own traditional governments, which varied greatly in scope and authority. Some featured traditional leadership positions passed down through certain families. Others nominated chiefs to represent the various clans. ...
  21. The political party/group of parties (coalition) with the most representatives in the Parliament usually forms the Government
  22. The ruling authority running the business of the country.
  23. is the organ who assumes the authority for legislate new codes and their execution.
  24. Head of State: Benjamin William Mkapa (President since 1995). Head of Government: Frederick Sumaye, Prime Minister. Vice-president: Omer Ali Juma.
  25. The Party or group of Members who can maintain the confidence (a majority of votes) of the House. The Government is also seen as every Member supporting the parliamentary majority.